Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lolita Rules That I Follow #2 - Yes to the Petticoat

  I have always loved puffy and ruffly everything all my life and when it comes to Lolita I am no different.  When buying dresses and JSK's I look at the silhouette and judge the puff.  Is it a circle skirt that can literally puff all the way out or is a more modest piece that is made of less fabric and has more of a bell shape?  Whatever it is it better be able to accommodate a nice petticoat underneath it and I always wear one.
  Second Rule, Always Wear Your Petticoat
When I see a girl who is dressed to the nines in Lolita and then she has a deflated and sad looking skirt because she didn't wear a petticoat it always makes me cry a little on the inside.  With a lot of Lolita dresses, JSK's, and skirts there is a bit of detail and how are we to see it unless you display it.  These pieces are made to have a petticoat under them.  Without a petticoat I feel dumpy and frumpy.  The skirt looks messy and then  BOOM, you put on a petticoat and it is beautiful.
My current petticoat that I made is getting a little sad so I am going to have to upgrade and make a new and better one.  This next one that I make will have a little more puff than my current one.  My current petti has a sufficient amount of puff but I would like more.  I won't be knocking things off of table with it but it will be a little fuller.
Again, these are just my rules that I abide by.  I am not telling everyone to do what I do by any means.  These are just my thoughts.  What are yours on petticoats?


  1. I absolutely have to wear a petticoat, too.
    I'd never go without one, even for casual wear, and I normally wear at least 2 (mine are rather flat, but they're great for layering for having just the exact amount of poof!).

  2. me too! sometimes, i put on 2 petti's to make my skirt fuller. :)

    new follower here! it's nice to stumble upon your blog! cheers! *u*


  3. If I'm wearing lolita, I MUST wear a petticoat. I personally wouldn't call my outfits lolita even with I had all the pieces if it's without a petticoat.


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