Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

  This weekend and next weekend in my area there is a craft fair that I look forward to every year.  My husband goal was to buy a dozen cider donuts and eat all of them.  He ate 9, which is still a lot.  My goal was to buy presents for my family for Christmas.  I did pretty well today.  I am going next weekend with a friend and will do more Christmas shopping.  
  I am going to be making gift bags for everyone so I just bought smaller things to add all together.  Today I bought maple syrup, hot fudge, dips, & ornaments. 
Next week I am going to buy some nice homemade soaps and candles to add to the gift bags.  I figure I can buy almost everything now so in December I won't have to worry about it and can spend more time enjoying the holidays.  My husband is also happy about me Christmas shopping as well because since we are married we can give out couple gifts.  We can give 1 gift and say it is from both of us.  Nice!
I wore Lolita and got quite a few looks and whatnot but nothing too bad.  I didn't get as much attention as I could have.  My sister in law had her 8 week old Siberian Husky puppy with her so all eyes were on the cute pup.  Next week I will dress up again and take pictures and maybe video is I am feeling crazy.


  1. I loveee craft fairs! There's an art and wine festival going on right now where I am. I loveee looking at what people can make! There's a both where they made airplanes out of soda cans! So Imaginative!
    I love your idea of doing gift bags. I love buying all the little things and putting it together!

  2. Oh I am honestly already in the christmas mood, but it's my favorite holiday so I can't help it haha! That New york syrup bottle looks just like the Wisconsin sryup I get haha, its a popular look XD


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