Friday, September 24, 2010

Sailor Moon Awesomeness!

  A couple of weeks ago I helped my mother clean out the attic (we are still not done so I have to help again this weekend, boo) and  found some good stuff.  Amongst the good stuff  found some great stuff.  Sailor Moon stuff! When I moved out of my parents house about 8 years ago I had to pack up my whole room and put it in the attic.  It was sad to pack up my Sailor Moon stuff and not get to see it everyday but I knew it would not be forever.  Now that my husband and I have our own place and have room I can claim my stuff.  I only found a couple boxes of Sailor Moon things so I know there s more.  Here is what  found a couple weeks ago.
 Here we have all of the Sailor Moon comics on the top (all original printing), all of the graphic novels (doubles and triples of some), 4 sets of the card game, 2 decks of playing cards, 1 cell phone case, Tuxedo Mask plush, lunch box, stickers, Chibi Usa wand, and 2 Sailor Stars single Cd's.   
I am super proud of my Sailor Moon collection.  I would say what you see here is only 5% of my Sailor Moon stuff.  Between the Comcs, dvds, dolls, wands, wall scrolls, stickers, play sets, and everything else I would need a whole room to fully display everything.  
I am going to be doing more posts of my Sailor Moon collection.  I find there are a lot of Lolitas who love Sailor Moon as well. Here is a bonus picture of my cat Bella.  I was trying to take these above pictures and she was not having any of that.


  1. I used to be obsessed with Sailor Moon. My friend, Madeline, and I woould run around pretending to be the different characters! XD

  2. My main knowledge of Sailor Moon is gleaned from watching it over my sister's shoulder. XD But I've come to appreciate this story more and more (and in any case one of my fave genres is magical girl manga), so I'd love to see your collection!

  3. Ohh I'm stilla huge fan of Sailor Moon (actually ive watched some eps not so long ago lol) ! I love the items ^^

  4. Oh you have the Stars comic series, I never got that now I wish I had! Oh that Sailor Moon card game haha! I got those too, but never played them XD


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