Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Dream Dress

  There aren't many dresses that I lust over but this one is one of them!  I know it isn't name brand or really expensive but I do not care at all.  It is beautiful and elegant and I just love  it.  I got it for a very reasonable price on the egl sales page.  It is out of stock on Qutie Land and the original price in $85 plus shipping and I got it for $65 with shipping.  Not bad.  Take a peek at its amazing-ness.

Rose Melody Rosa Aroma JSK


  1. Awesome! I like some Rose Melody pieces too. The merry go round(?) jsk in black x gold is one of my sought after pieces (*___*)

    But I'm glad you got one of your dream dresses for a great price!

  2. That's a really gorgeous dress! >.<

  3. Beautiful! I really do love some of Rose Melody's dresses, it's great you found it for cheaper on the sales comm too!

  4. That is sooo cuuute!!
    I wish I could get one of thoes and the price isn't that bad!!

  5. I have this one. I love it so much!

  6. This is one of my dream dresses too, I missed out on it the other day Dx Though I prefer the bustier with skirt version...but that seems to be a lot more expensive =[


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