Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sailor Moon Lolita Dress

  About 3 or 4 weeks ago I started designing a Sailor Moon inspired Lolita dress and now I have finally gotten around to inking, scanning, and posting it.  I wanted it to be a dress inspired by Sailor Moon and not a costume.  I think I walked that fine line pretty well.  Sometimes it is hard to judge what is too much and what is just right and sometimes I have to reign myself in a little bit.  It is fun and easy to go over the top.
I want to color it but I have to wait till my lappy comes back home to me from the lappy hospital.  That should be this week with a little luck.  I am thinking the main color will be a navy blue with white trims perhaps.  This is what is in my head right now but I am sure it will change when i am playing around with the colors in Photo-shop. (You can click on the picture to embiggen it)
The main elements that I took from Sailor Moon and added to the dress are the pleats (even though her skirt does not have box pleats), the lace just off the shoulders mimicking the sailor collar, and the princess seam lines and seam just under the bust.  I looked at all of Sailor Moons fuku's for inspiration.  Ones from the anime, manga, original designs, and all of her different transformations.  
I really love the embellishment on the front.  My husband has just gotten into screen printing so I thought I would  utilize it in this dress.  A simple silhouette of Sailor Moon sitting on a moon with clouds and surrounded by tiny stars reminds me of the Vampire Requiem print with what looks like Tuxedo Mask flying through the air.  (I really would kill to have a dress or JSK in that print.  It is just so darn expensive.)
Anyway, I will be posting more of the dress when I am coloring it and sewing it.


  1. omg i love it *_*
    two of my most favourite things in one!!
    So cant wait to see it ^^

  2. awesome. that dress is really nice.
    i'm guessing you are like me and inspired by the upcoming 20th anniversary?

  3. Cool idea!!!
    I agree, you walked the line well!

  4. I love it!
    I tried designing a Sailor Moon inspired dress a while back, but it looked awful. I think because I tried to keep the sailor collar. Yours it totally great because it takes into account lots of different aspects, I really like that.
    Also, 20th anniversary? I'm old, lol!

  5. Ah, that is sooo sweet and cute! I think the design is great! You can see it's about Sailor Moon, but it doesn't look cosplayish or OTT. Great work, I really love it!

    I know, please don't mention that it's 20 years old already. That makes me die a little inside TT haha

  6. I can't wait to see the the dress when you finish it!

  7. Wow, this dress is going to be gorgeous! My roomie would love to have one like it.

    I'm a big nerd, I fully admit, as well as someone who makes many of my own clothes, so I have plans for some anime\manga and Western comic inspired dresses and suits. I love to see when other people do it too. Makes me happy inside that you can have fun with your fandoms like that. <3


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