Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lolita Rules That I Follow #4 - Experiment

  Throughout my whole life I have always experimented with my clothing.  When I was little it was kind of like a challenge, can I wear every color today or do dots, stripes, rainbows, and kitty's go together?  Once in middle school and the very beginning of high school I did everything in my power to blend in as much as possible.  I was a skilled artist at blending into the background.
  Once I came into myself about sophomore year of high school, I started dressing how I wanted and for me.  I was all about colors again and started getting into girly styles again. From then until now (about 11 years) I have gone through several styles but one common theme has been trying to do fun and different things within the style.  And, Lolita for me is no different.  I try to push Lolita.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.
Forth Rule, Experiment and Try Different Things
The blue dress above is one that I designed and made for my trip to SLC that I took a few months ago.  I went a little cray with the amount of fabric that I used to make the skirt portion.  I also went a tad nuts with the front part of the skirt.  I think more pictures are required of this dress.  I will post more shortly.
Sometimes I see girls on daily Lolita who have great coords because they try something different.  There is so much in Lolita that is the same and it is good to see people trying things that might not necessarily go with Lolita at first glance.
  Keep experimenting! ;)


  1. I like to experiment and "push the boundaries" too, so I'm glad to see more lolitas who support the idea that experimenting doesn't mean you leave the spirit of lolita behind. ^^

    And that's a lovey dress! I can't wait till I can sew well enough to make things like that. Soon.

  2. Wha! It turned out awesome since the sketch era! Love it! I try different things when it comes to lolita. I have yet to really push the boundaries.


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