Monday, November 26, 2012

I recieved my Bodyline Cherry JSK, Yea!

 I got my Bodyline dress in the mail a few days ago and I love it. The fabric is very soft and seems to be of good quality. The lace is the same, very nice. The previous owner took off the flare sleeves which is fine because I was most likely going to do the same thing. I have to decide if I want to keep it as a JSK or if I want to add some sleeves.It also has waist ties and I think I will take them off. I can use them to make something else. Perhaps a cute bow or accessory. The dress came with a bow as well but I find I don't favor large bows on my dresses.

I really love the print. The happy and bright cherries and wavy bows are so light and cheery. I really do love it. It makes me want to go on picnic. It is a perfect dress for sunny days and walks in the park. When I used to live in Philadelphia there was a park close to me that was so green and full of life. I want to wear this JSK coordinated nicely in that park and have a carefree day. I don't have a parasol that matches the red or sax color. Perhaps I will have to try and acquire one, one day. 

Well, I hope everyone has a great week and is excited for Christmas. It is coming. Less than a month now. Just like last year I am going to post what I would like for Christmas. It is fun to make a little list even though Santa doesn't get it anymore. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making a Minty Dress Part 1

During the early part of this year I found some amazing fabric in NYC that I just had to buy. It reminded me of Emily Temple Cute and a fabric and patten that they would use. I was able to get it in a pretty pinky melon color and  a nice mint. I saved it until I came up with the perfect idea for it and last week I make my first cut and stitch. I found a pattern at JoAnn's Fabrics about a month ago for just $1. It was a shirt with capped sleeves. I really like the sleeves so I bought it pretty much for them. I mixed the pattern with my own ideas and my Minty Lolita dress is about half complete.

It is a cute and simple Lolita design. Capped sleeves, empire waisted, gathering at the bust, and the super cute minty bow fabric. The sleeves look large in these pictures and they are not quite that big. I think it is just the way it is hanging on the dress form. I tried the top on and it fits quite well which is good because it does not have any gathering in the back or any elastic.
The skirt lining is not attached yet and won't be until the bottom part of the dress is done as well. (Disregard the black and white ruffle on the bottom. That is just another skirt that was on the dress form that I kept on it to give the lining a nice silhouette.) The bottom of the Op will be pretty basic. 2 ruffles along the hem and perhaps a couple of cute little bows. Every Lolita likes bows. 
I will have fabric left over after I am done with this garment but I am not sure how much. I will just have to see. I hope there is enough to perhaps make a skirt. I still don't know what i want to do with the pink melon version of this fabric. It hasn't "spoken" to me yet. What do you think I should make with it?

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Purchase on the Cheap: Bodyline Cherry JSK

A few days ago I was on the egl sales comm browsing around for fun and I spotted something that I couldn't pass up. A seller that lives only a few hours away from me was selling Bodyline's Cherry JSK in blue/sax for $20 including shipping. I have always taken note of this dress and admired it for being a pretty print from Bodyline but I didn't feel like shelling out $40 plus shipping for it. But, for $20 shipped, it's a great deal! 
I think it is coming in the mail today. I can't wait. I am going to alter it a little when I do receive it. I think I will give it little capped sleeves and perhaps add a ruffle along the hem of the skirt. Give the dress a little more substance, a little more fluff. The dress will be a good addition to my closet because I don't have much sax and it is good to have a variety of colors. (Even though I always seem to be leaning towards black)
I am getting a print that i have wanted to quite some time. Is there a print that you are wanting our lusting after?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Ipsy My Glam Bag: Inexpensive but Nice Make Up

I have been wanting a subscription to My Glam/Ipsy for quite some time now, since they started about a year ago. I finally was able to squeeze in when they had subscriptions open again. For those of you who are not familiar with Ipsy i will give a quick little explanation. Ipsy is like Cheese of the Month, but just make up instead of cheese. For $10 a month Ipsy will send you a cute little make up bag every 30 days with 5 pieces of make up or beauty products. Since I am all about Lolita and not spending lots of money this is the perfect say to acquire a very nice make up collection for very little. You can very easily spend $10 on one make up item at the drug store. Ipsy allows you to get so much for so little. The shipping is free if you live in the USA and it is now available in some other countries with additional shipping. (Additional Info Here)

This bag that I am showing is the second bag that I have received and I have loved both. When you sign up you take a little quiz that asks you about your tastes and style when it comes to your looks and beauty. They ship the bags in the middle of the month and you are super excited to see the bright pink envelope in the mail box. Here is what came my way this month....

My hot pink shiny padded envelope. My bag and all of it's goodies are safe in this bubble wrapped envelope. I haven't gotten anything broken or loose. I have received liquids in bottles and never had any leaks or problems. I know they have a FAQ about missing or broken items so I am sure it won't be a big problem if it does happen.

 The dark chocolate bag with gold zipper and has a glossy zipper pull. It is lined and looks nice on the inside in addition to the outside. The bags that the make up comes in are perfect as a small satchel to carry in your bag or purse. I use mine to carry my chap stick, lip gloss, little mirror, and cuticle moisturizer. Each bag also includes a couple post card sized cards that offer discounts on the brands that are in the bag.

 Oooooo. So many fun new things to try out. The bags are a little different based on the quiz that you take but here is what I got in my bag. Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel, Nailtini nail polish in Millionaire, Meet Matte eye shadow in Matt Batali , bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Dare Devil,and Starlet eyeliner in black. Nice! I have tried out everything and I really liked all of it. My favorite is the nail polish. I am not really a nail polish kind of girl because it drives me crazy when it chips and it feels like it chips hours after you apply it.

The Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel is something I never even thought existed. I just kind of thought eye brows got plucked and that was that. Well, now I can make sure my eye brows are neat and pretty with this gel. It is very light and has a pleasant and subtle smell.

 I told my sister in law that this months bag had nail polish in it and since I am not really in polish that I would most likely give it to her. Well, sorry sister in law. I have to keep this one. Nailtini nail polish in Millionaire is so much fun. The gold glitter and little specks of teal blue are too much for me to let go of right now. 3 coats and I am very happy with how sparkly my nails are. Also, it dries so fast. I proclaim Nailtini nail polish in Millionaire the winner of this bag for me.

Eye shadow is one of those items where I just can never have enough. The Meet Matte eye shadow in Matt Batali is a welcome addition to my collection. The color is a deep purple. It is such a deep purple you don't even notice it at first. I really love this color. I have been using it to do a simple cat eye look and it is awesome. It spices up the regular back cat eye. It applies very nicely and stays put.

Lip gloss and lip stick are something that I don't use too often but this bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Dare Devil is pretty nice. It looks bold and dark but once it is applied it lightens up and just adds a shine and hint of color. The thing that really surprised me was how minty it was. I think I will be using this one around the holidays. It is the perfect size to slip into your small bag or purse. And, if your anything like me you need your lip glosses and chap sticks to be small because you carry lots of them with you all the time. (Do I really need 11 lip products with me at all times?)

The last item is the Starlet eyeliner in Black. It is your standard black eyeliner pencil. It applies nicely and stays on. I did a little test on the back of my hand. I know it sounds like I am not crazy about it and it isn't the pencils fault. I only like liquid eyeliner with a brush. I have tried many different eyeliner and it is the only kind for me. I do like the pink and white pencil and the small box that it came in. I don't know why but I love it when things have small matching boxes. It makes them feel special. I think I will save up the things from my bags that I am not crazy about and do a give away with them. A nice little bundle of make up.

I can't say enough great stuff about Ipsy and the things they send me. I like them on Facebook and it is very active. There is also a nice Michelle Phan(She is the creator of Ipsy)/Ipsy YouTube that has oodles of things to watch. You can learn quite a bit there. I really hope you girls and guys enjoyed this peek into my Ipsy bag.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Lolita Highlight: Elfie78

The changing of the seasons makes people take pictures of the new surroundings. Whether it's new blooms in Spring, fiery leaves in Fall, or icy frost and snow in Winter it is nice to see. Now that the colder months are upon us we will be seeing lots of lovely Lolitas bundled up in coats, scarves, and gloves standing among the snow. I love winter. I think it is my favorite season. The snow, cold temperatures, holidays, and lots of baking and cooking cookies and stews make me happy. Also, hot cocoa. Yum.

I know it isn't quite jacket and gloves weather in these pictures but it is a celebration of the first snow for Elfie78. I have yet to see our first snow of the season and I know how fun it can be. I am looking forward to it very much. I love that she went with what would be a traditionally springy floral print and matched it with white accessories. I especially love the knit beret and the large Meta bag. You don't see very many larger Lolita bags. Her coord is a mixture of brands.....
OP: Victorian Maiden
Bag: Metamorphose
Berret: Accesorize
Boots: Bodyline

 In addition to the first snow of the season she posted a few pictures from a little bit before. I think the world I am looking for is darling. This coordinate that she put together and these pictures are just darling. The bright white paired with the dusty rose pink make a great match. I kind of wish it were mine. Her OP is Juliette & Justine, I don't have anything by them but I really like the print.
OP: Juliette & Justine
Parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Hat, Mittens Cardigan : Offbrand (Seppälä)
Shoes: Bodyline

 Her style is very free and effortless. It isn't overly fussy which is hard to do with Lolita. It is such an eye catching style and there are so many details so often it can look over worked and forced. Elfie78 does not have this problem. The flowing hair, minimal make up, simple color schemes, and smart use of accessories are something to be desired.
You can see these pictures and many others on her blog Toes on Lace. It is a pretty little blog and is a joy to scroll through. I hope the cold weather is treating everyone well and inspires many pictures of you in your wintery finest. please, post all your amazing pictures on Daily Lolita.

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