Friday, November 16, 2012

New Purchase on the Cheap: Bodyline Cherry JSK

A few days ago I was on the egl sales comm browsing around for fun and I spotted something that I couldn't pass up. A seller that lives only a few hours away from me was selling Bodyline's Cherry JSK in blue/sax for $20 including shipping. I have always taken note of this dress and admired it for being a pretty print from Bodyline but I didn't feel like shelling out $40 plus shipping for it. But, for $20 shipped, it's a great deal! 
I think it is coming in the mail today. I can't wait. I am going to alter it a little when I do receive it. I think I will give it little capped sleeves and perhaps add a ruffle along the hem of the skirt. Give the dress a little more substance, a little more fluff. The dress will be a good addition to my closet because I don't have much sax and it is good to have a variety of colors. (Even though I always seem to be leaning towards black)
I am getting a print that i have wanted to quite some time. Is there a print that you are wanting our lusting after?

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  1. That is a cute idea <3 I have the skirt version of this piece and I love to pieces :)As for me....I was a LOT of prints... Although I still need every cathedral print ever sewn haha


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