Monday, September 20, 2010

Cleaning Out the Attic Goodies

  So, my mother has been bugging me to help her clean out my parents attic and last weekend I went and spent the lovely Sunday afternoon carrying boxes and bags of garbage (old clothes, broken toys, stuffed animals, and misc.)  down 2 flights of stairs.  In all of the useless stuff that we chucked I found a few gems from my childhood.
  I still have about 20 boxes of old things that I need to go through but those are for another day.  Take a peek at the old stuff that I found.

I loved this when I was little.  This was the only play set or building that I had for my My Little Ponies and boy did I use it.  This ballet studio had 3 circles that you could set the ponies on and then spin the cog on the side to make the ponies "dance" and spin.  Once you were done you could just shove all the ponies in it and put it away.

I have no idea if this works anymore but it is awesome none the less.   I played countless hours on this guy.  It still has Zelda in it.  About 6 or 7 years ago I re-found it in my room and played it a ton for the summer, like 5 hours everyday.  I doubt that is going to happen this time.  I might throw it out, I am not sure.  It was just great to find it and see it again.

I bought this piece in NYC at the FAO Schwarz when I was about 14 or so.  I don't what the brand is or what it is from but it is just so pretty.  The little doors open up and it has a tiny mirror in it.  I thought this would be great to wear with any Sweet Lolita outfits.  Also, you can look through the bottom and out the top and it is a kaleidoscope. 
I just found this.  It is from a series from the 90's called Star castle.
I also found a ton of Sailor Moon stuff but that is going to need a post of it's own.  Which I will be posting this week.


  1. omg that little necklace is so cute! Do you have any idea what it is called? I would love one!

  2. I would love one of those necklaces!

  3. Oh, I wish wish wish I could find some of my old treasures hidden away, but all the toys of my youth were mostly given away TT

    The ponys and the ballet studio - I LOVE THEM haha, I am a big MLP lover^^ I bought the studio when I was around 15 and then I sold it again. So dumb...

    And that necklace is so awesome! The package is totally 90s looking haha^^

  4. that mermaid and seahorse looks so familiar.... I think my sisters and I MIGHT have had that series of toy too!

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for finding what that necklace is! I just managed to find and purchase a similar one thanks to you!!!

  6. Awesome! It is perfect for Sweet Lolita, the colors and look are so cute.

  7. You should put the gameboy on a necklace and wear it as game-deco :D

  8. Omg i used to have Starcastles! So cute! <3 I loved them so much as a kid.


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