Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Metamorphose Lucky Packs For Sale

Lucky Packs are in full swing and I love the Meta Winter Lucky Pack.  

 Both of the packs look great but there is something about the grey set.  You don't see grey in Lolita a whole lot, what a shame, and I think it is lovely.  The actual design of the JSK is simple but enough.  A simple low neckline, 2 two tier skirt, 5 tasteful bows, and flattering fit make this a great piece.  
The whole lucky pack is strong.  Your standard blouse, JSK, socks, jewelry, a head piece, bag, and bloomers.  The bag is kind of interesting.  I would never pair a gym bag style bag with Lolita but I think it is kind of neat.  It is the perfect size for a busy day out or a sleep over.  
I really love the JSK.  I think I might try to make my own.


  1. Oooh~ I love the grey jsk~ and yeah, grey is very rare in Lolita. I've managed to make one grey jsk and used it only once too. ^_^

  2. I love both of them! So pretty and simple, but really a statement.

  3. I agree with the grey thing. I love how grey looks in Lolita outfits and pitifully it can't be seen so much...
    Those Luckypacks look great indeed!

  4. These packs look cool! I can't chance another Meta one though...I got one once and ended up selling most of it and not using the rest! The stuff was either too odd or just didn't fit!

    Dithering over Angelic Pretty packs though, but I don't get what's going on. One I wanted is still up, but the one I wanted more is sold out and I don't know if it'll be available again =| what to do?

  5. Those are awesome! But I would be too afraid to get a lucky pack cause I'm pretty sure if I do get a dress or a top or anything like that, it won't be in my size =(

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. love the pack w/ the grey JSK!

    super cute and different

    lindsey |


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