Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Black Cat

  A little while back I posted Baby's latest runway show that showed off lots of cute and darling dresses.  Among the frills and bows a striped black and creamy JSK really caught my eye.  The Black Cat JSK, blouse, purse, and wrist cuffs are one of my new favorites of this year.  I think 2011 was a good year.  There were lots of great prints and designs.  

 Each piece by itself is cute and can be worn with other outfits because the cat theme isn't to heavy.  But, together they make a great coordinate. 


  1. love the accessories!

    they make a lot of cute items.



  2. The name sounded cute, but I don't like these items at all. Disappointed!

    Well I lie, the accessories are all really cute, but certainly not worth what Baby will charge for them...


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