Thursday, March 10, 2011

Macross and Metamorphose

  Doing my usual thing today on line I ran into this cute bit of info.  Metamorphose made collaboration pieces with the anime Macross.  (On a side note, Baby also made pieces but they are under wraps right now)  
 The above picture is of one of the characters from the anime wearing a super cute pink and green dress.  pictured with the green haired cutie is on of the shop girls cosplaying.  Now for the Meta.
Not bad.  I am not super in love with them but I must say the dress on the right hand side is cute.  I think my favorite part is the little hat with the white feather.  The light pink and minty green go together well and really make a nice color pairing.  The only thing that really gets me about the dress is the blunt seams on the bottom of the vest.  They are so sharp for Lolita and also don't really match the softness and round edges of the rest of the dress.  I get it though.  This is a collaborative piece with an anime and they are all about vest style tops.  It looks good on paper and on tv.
The white dress is really fun.  I would wear thing outfit on a day when I am feeling a little spicy.  I do love the jacket.  I would pair that with other pieces on a regular basis.  The half caplet is cute.  I really like capes and capeletes now.  They are perfect for the upcoming Spring weather and temperatures.
There is more info here, in the original article


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog, but I like what I've seen so far~

    I'm excited to see a Macross Frontier collaboration with Metamorphose! I think the characters in the series really do lend themselves to the look, so it's wonderful to see it happen.

    And I don't know if you already know this, but the cute green-haired girl is Ranka Lee and I'm 99.9% sure that the adorable shop staff next to Ranka is cosplaying Sheryl Nome, both of whom are two of three main characters in the series. I just thought I'd mention it. ^ ^;;

    I can't wait to see the BTSSB items, though; I hope they'll be revealed soon!

  2. @Chrissie
    Thanks so much for the info Chrissie! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and are a long time reader.


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