Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The last bit of PAX East

I think this is the last bit of PAX East stuff that I have for you.  I can't wait for next years PAX East.  If I am not mistaken, it isn't going to go off until April so I have over a year to get ready.  I want to start my costumes much earlier than I have for the past 2.  I am such a procrastinator.  Anyway, here are some fun things from PAX East. 
On Saturady morning we didn't wan to go far for Breakfast so we ate at the hotel.  They were doing a buffet that looked yummy but it was $25 per person.  We didn't want to waste good con money on food so we got smaller portion  meals.  I got 2 pieces of wheat toast and a fruit cup.  The toast was $4 and the fruit was $7.  Pretty expensive but good.

In the parking garage we saw a car with a cool DOOM liscence plate.  Cool.

This was on the back of the Behemoth booth where they were selling goodies.  I just loved the cat.  Too cute!

This is the booth of the Mega64 guys.  Mega64 does video game immersion videos.  Such as, pretending to be Mario and Luigi and running around with plungers.  Their stuff is super funny and I highly recommend it.  I did not get this video but when we were at their both they were doing much of the same thing.  Watch till the end of the movie, it is very funny.

They had a playable version of Child of Eden in the middle of the Expo hall.  It is the spiritual successor to REZ on the Dreamcast  and PS2 back in 2002.  It was a beautiful game to watch.  We stood there for 5 or so minutes and I could have seen more.

This is our haul of goodies that we bought.  Penny Arcade Sitcker sheets, Settlers of Catan board game, Ascension board game, 5 text adventure games, the PAX East booklet for the con, 2 Splosion Man plushes, The Stars are Right card game, a Raskulls plush dragon, 3 Munchkin booster packs, 2 sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice, 2 Magic USB Thumb Drive bracelets, a pack of Mine Craft pins, Metroid Metal sticker, 19 pins, a Behemoth bat cell phone charm, all of the Mega64 DVD's, a Bastion Handkerchief, and our lanyards.  Our hotel was actually hooked to the convention center so we didn't have to worry about carrying things around.  It was very nice.
  I think that is about it.  Oh, we did not get the cat from PAX East, but Bella wanted to make sure that she got in the picture.


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