Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jewelry On the Cheap

After Christmas I had a little money for spending and I knew I wanted to pick up some new jewelry. I didn't want to spend much but I wanted to get something for myself. Watching a Michelle Phan video I saw she was wearing one of those super cool rings that cover 3/4 of her finger. I have had a soft spot for those rings since I saw Angelina Jolie wear one in the movie Hackers. (She was so cool in that movie) I knew that I wanted that style of rings so I hit Google hard and found a couple that I liked but, I wasn't willing to spend the money they were asking for. ($35-$100) 
In my searching I found a shop on ebay that had what looked like what I wanted and it was 99 cents and had free shipping. How could that possibly be a better deal? The only draw back was that it was shipping for China and it would take 3-4 weeks to get to me. So, not only did I pick up my super cool super new armor style ring but I scooped up a bunch of other rings, bracelets, necklaces, and a couple other odds and ends for a buck. 
Now, everything has come in. I got the last little parcel a couple days ago and I was really happy with everything I picked out. I knew some of the items weren't going to be of the best quality but I figured that some of them would be nice. Here is what I picked up and how I feel about the items....

bracelets, pearl bracelet, crystal bracelet, elastic necklace, bow bracelet
 Bracelets. Pearls are so lovely in and out of Lolita and I could wear them everyday. Both of the bracelets are elastic so they are easy to get on. Each day I wear the same old bracelets and I am trying to beef up my collection so I can change them each day. Costume jewelry is the best because it is so inexpensive and if you break or lose it, it really isn't that big of a deal.

locket necklace, bunny locket,pink bunny locket necklace, locket and bow necklaceWings necklace, wings jewelry

I have more necklaces than I know what to do with but I just had to snag these ones. I really love the pink bunny locket necklace for Lolita. I can see it being a jumping off point and inspiration for a really cute coord. Something that is all pink and browns. Perhaps a mix of classic and country. The wings necklace I got because I thought it might be good to use with the Steampunk Sailor Moon Cosplay that I am working on for PAX East in March. I thought it might be good for the locket/brooch. These pieces are nice for a dollar but they feel like dollar jewelry. I have a feeling they are going to need the occasional repair.

Gold RIngs, Crown Ring, Tiara Ring, Cute Rings, Royal Rings, Gold and Crystal Crown RIng
 I went a little wild with the whole crown and tiara look. I just liked these little royal rings too much not to get them. I have to say the one in the middle is my favorite. It is the nicest looking one in real life, it is sturdy and heavy, and it fits my ring finger like a dream. I am actually wearing it right now. The heart tiara ring is a little cheap feeling and a bit small for me. I am not sure what I am going to do with it right now but I am sure I can come up with something. The simple crown ring on the right is subtle and nice. All of the rings I bought I painted with clear nail polish on the inside of them.This way my fingers don't turn green and my rings will look better longer. It really helps with the quality of the pieces.

Stackable Rings, Red Heart RIngs, Gold Stackable Rings, Rose RIng, Gold Pearl Ring
 These 2 stackable ring sets are pretty pretty. The brass rings with the red heart feel sturdy and look nice.  You can stack them a couple different ways and they fit me well enough. They are more a serious color scheme and I don't know if anything in my Lolita closet will match. The Gold Rose and Pearl Rings feel very cheap and are just the smallest rings ever. Even with these drawbacks they are still pretty and I love the colors. I think I will wear them on a necklace. That would look pretty, right? Especially with a Lolita coord.

cat ring, cat ears ring, ears ring, silver cat ring, silver ears cat ringeagle talon ring, silver talon ring
 Not only did I get pretty rings, I got a couple cool ones as well. I LOVE cats and I just had to have the cat ear ring. I am so happy with. It is the best feeling ring out of all of them. It feels heavy and sturdy and it fits amazingly. I wore it yesterday and was showing it off to everyone. They really liked it and said they weren't surprised that I had purchased a ring with cat ears.
The eagle talon ring with just an impulse buy but I think it is pretty cool. Kind of bad ass. I think I will wear it on days when I need a little kick ass attitude. It feels nice and fits well as well.

leaf ring, silver leaf ring, wings ring, silver wings ring,
 I wear all metals and find that they can completely change the feeling of a coord. As soft and rich as gold is there is something about the bright and pure look of silver. The leaf ring reminded me of the brooch's that they wear in Lord of the Rings. It is a little cheap feeling but as long as I don't wear it too often and don't abuse it, it will be okay.
The cute little wings ring (it might be a little hard to make out in this picture) is so cute I can't even tell you. When you wear it, it just looks like two little silver wings setting in between your fingers. Unfortunately, it is really cheap feeling and when I was adjusting it so it could fit on my finger it felt as if it were breaking. I will try my best not to adjust it anymore. Just like the leaf ring, I will be gentle with it.

tea cup ring, alice in wonderland ring, tea ring, tea cup and saucer ring
 I know! This ring is all types of awesome. I got it with Lolita in mind. How could a cute tea saucer and cup ring not be for Lolita? I love it so much. It is big, heavy, sturdy, and fits well. The only thing I don't like about it is that the cup isn't a circle.It is more of an oval. It's not a big deal, it is just kind of weird because the little plate that the cup is on is a circle. Just like the bunny locket necklace, I think I will make coord around this ring. It's just too pretty not to.

gold rings, armor ring,
There is the ring that I have been wanting since the mid-late ninety's. (The one on the right) The one on the right is great. No complaints at all. I can't wait to wear it. The really long one that covers your whole entire finger is pretty awesome too. It is so over the top and a bit in the way but it is so cool. I am sure something will come up where it will be the perfect ring. The ring in the front was just to strange not to buy. It sets on the tip of your finger. That's it. It makes you have a strange gold pointy nail/finger thing. I don't know. I just thought it would be cool to have. These rings remind me of the the Marique character from Conan the Barbarian. She had crazy killer ring things

If you are interested in finding some cute and inexpensive jewelry for yourself just hop on over to ebay and when you are looking for jewelry make sure you click the Buy it Now and free shipping boxes. That way you can get exactly what you want for the least amount. Do make a note though, it does take a while for the items to arrive. I made my orders at the very end of 2012 and they took 3-4 weeks to get to me. Don't expect them within a week. Which thing do you like best? Will you be picking up any of these goodies for yourself?


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