Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Phone Accessories and a New Phone

When I went on that little shopping spree on ebay I not only bought jewelry but I bought a few things for my fancy new phone. I picked up a few cases/covers and the cute little plugs that go in the head phone jack. They were all super inexpensive, 99 cents to $1.50. Here they are.
phone case, pink phone case, pink phone cover
 I wanted a few different colors so I could switch the cover to something different when the mood struck. Black and white are good old reliable colors and they I also picked up some pink. I just really like pink. I plan on decorating all the cases. I don't know if I am going to to the all out deco like you see with so many phones. I like it, all the sparkles, pearls, craziness, and detail, but I am not feeling it for my own phone. I think I will go with a more subtle look.
 As soon as I got my new phone I put the light pink case and black kitty on it. How cute is that? I love cats so much. I couldn't help myself when I saw the cat plug.
I wanted several plugs for the phone and these are the cute little ones that I picked out. Of course, cats. The two cats together are just the cutest thing. They look like they are hanging onto the phone and dangling their little butts down. The fuchsia sparkly heart matches the dark pink case to a T. It is so good. The little crown one came with a random color gem in the middle so I didn't get to choose it but I am happy with the color that I got. Amethyst is my birth stone and it always welcome. My favorite part of the crown plus is that it has the little loop to add a dangle charm to it. I miss the old style of cell phones that had a bigger loop to add lots of charms. All the new phones are so plain and have no way of attaching charms.

I have to put a little time aside to decorate the cases. I have been so busy lately and it will never get done unless I specifically set aside a chunk of time to do it. I look forward to having a fancy phone with a fancy case and a fancy plug. Fanciness everywhere!

Do you have a fancy or cute phone? If so, what does it look like?


  1. I love all those audio plugs you bought! <3 especially the cat ones haha. I've always wanted to buy some of those plugs for my ipod, but I could never justify it since I always have my earphones connected to it, and my phone is a very old model without an audio jack OTL

    when you finish decorating your cases I would love to see them <3 and the dresses you've been sewing too. I've always wondered about them~

  2. aww so cute kitties and I want mobile phone like this too <3

  3. Love the kitty plugs! Where did you order those?

    I agree on the sparkles and glam on phones. If ever I do some detailing, I’d probably limit it to the phone cover and leave the actual case in pristine condition. That way if I get bored, I’d just get a fresh case.

    Joanna @ TechPayout.com


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