Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge 1 of 52

Welcome! Here is the first of many posts. I really do hope that you ladies and gents enjoy them. Do keep in mind that all the answers are my opinion. I am going to answer all these questions to the best of my ability, tell the truth, and hopefully make them slightly entertaining. I think I will learn a little but about myself and Lolita along the way too. When I breezed through the topics I saw a few that were going to make me thing. So, here we go.....

 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style.
Lolita 52 Challenge, White Btssb Coat, Pink Meta Bag, White AP boots
This one took a little time for me to decide on. There were several things that went on the list and then were edited off because they didn't apply to all styles. A petticoat was one that I wanted on the list but petticoats are not used in Boy Style or Kodona.

I know they can be quite pricey if you want to invest in a brand coat or jacket. The price hovers around $300-$400 for a coat or jacket from AP, Btssb, and Meta. Even if you don't want to spend that much there are alternatives to choose from. Fan Plus Friend, the egl sales comm, and finding "Lolitable" jackets. I found my jacket at Target and it goes well with Lolita.

I know that might just love boots and think that everyone else should love them as much as I do but I think they are a very important part of any Lolitas wardrobe. Whether they are to the ankle or all the way up to the knee, there is something special about a boot. I think they are flattering on everyone and  believe that you can never have too many boots.

Just like the boots, I think that having around 600 Lolita bags is just about right. If you can only have 1 Lolita bag I would go with a white or black, or even a pink if your wardrobe is primarily Sweet. I only have 5 or 6 but I want many more. When I first got into Lolita I had a complete outfit but not a bag and I felt incomplete. 

If you walk anywhere in your Lolita best than you are going to want to protect it from the elements with a parasol or umbrella. Anytime that isn't Winter I am walking around my town and I never leave without my parasol. It keeps you cooler and protects your skin from sun burn. It makes it a little it easier to wear a blouse, bloomers, a petticoat, and all those layers on a warm day.

Knee High or Thigh High Socks:
I think most Lolitas have a collection of cute socks that warrant their own drawer. Most of my Lolita socks are off brand but I still love seeing all the pastel colors, lace, prints, and prettiness when I open my top drawer. It's just socks! So many socks! There are a good Lolita item to stock up on because they are inexpensive (when it comes to Lolita prices, socks are cheap) and socks can change the look of a whole coordinate.
Sorry this post took a bit to go up, I have been  a little sick and therefor unmotivated. What do you think about my list? Do you agree completely or think I got it all wrong? Do you think that I am missing something obvious?  


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