Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sailor Moon Steampunk Cosplay for PAX East 2013

It is that time of the year again for me when I am getting ready for the best and only convention that I go to. This year I have decided to make one super awesome costume instead or 2/3 that are good. I am working my little hands off making a Steampunk Sailor Moon cosplay. I did a little googling and there really haven't been any Steampunk themed Sailor Moons. I came upon a few that were called Steampunk but they were less than impressive (They basically just added a corset and called it a day) so I am more than happy to make mine.
 I worked on the design for quite a while and took my time because I have never made a Steampunk anything so I wanted to do it right. Plus, I always take a long time to design. I am happy with what I have come up with. I had to keep many things in mind when I did design it. Low cost, comfort, actually creatable (possible designs), and a nice blend of Sailor Moon and Steampunk.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon
 The above picture is nothing fancy an is just a layout of the pieces that I am making so I know the exact plan that I am going to follow. The blouse is pretty close to the original (see original outfit below), I just changed the sleeves and made the bust gathered. It will have a brown faux leather  underbust corset. to go over the bottom of the blouse. I haven't made a corset in a few years so it will be a relearning experience.
There will be 2 skirts, a bubble skirt and then a pleated blue skirt trimmed with lace. The back of the pleated skirt will have 3 layers of  pleating and a bustle style back. as far as accessories go I will paint and decorate an old pair of boots, sew faux leather gloves, and several ribbon things like bows and necklaces.

I am going to be taking pictures as everything comes along. I have purchased almost everything that I need so I can blaze ahead. As of right now I have cut out the blouse pieces and have started to sew them together. It will take a little longer to sew everything just because there is going to be lots of little details on everything. Embroidery, extra stitching, and hand sewing. Here is the first peek of everything that will soon be an outfit and accessories.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon
 Pictured is the faux leather brown fabric (gloves, corset, and a few tiny things). And, don't worry. For those of you who are into corsets and know more about making them. I do have coutil fabric to make the corset with. The faux leather will go on the outside. The two light tan fabrics will be for the blouse and underskirt. The two dark blue fabrics are for the sailor style collar and the pleated skirt. My husband bought me the awesome goggles and they are going to be tweaked to look like Sailor Moon's original goggles. The long metal things are the boning that goes in the corset to make it stiff. Everything else is for decorating. Gears, cogs, stars, keys, D rings, and tiny tiny small little gears.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

I will be sure to take some pictures tomorrow when I am sewing so I can show my progress so far. I have less than a month to finish so it will happen pretty quickly. I can't wait for it to be done so I can see the final product and smile. It always feels so good at the end to see your accomplishment. I really hope it comes out well and that everyone likes it. I have been planning my make up and hairstyle in my head. I am most definitely going to sport the odago/bun hair style, you have to with Sailor Moon. 

If you could make or just buy a Steampunk version of anything, what would it be? Adventure Time? Disney Princess? Lolita?


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