Monday, May 21, 2012

Loli-able New Finds and Extras

There are no stores around me that sell Lolita or anything close to Lolita items and not many stores around that have "loli-able" items either. But, sometimes you can still find a treasure or two hidden away. Target seems to be a good one that can have a loli-able find or two and now there is a new Forever 21 near the Target and I found a couple things there. One good thing about these stores and the things you can find there is that the prices tend to very reasonable which you don't find in Lolita all the often. It is an expensive hobby and lifestyle. This past weekend and a few weeks ago I made a few purchases and I wanted to show you guys and gals. So, here we go. 

Forever 21 Finds
 New wallets are always fun to me for some reason. I am not sure why but I really love getting wallets and bags. These two were scooped up at the Grand Opening of my local Forever 21. They had a spinning rack full of cute and funky wallets and I wanted a few  so i went for it. There was a sign above them that said "Buy any two for $9.99" so I chose my two and went on my way. The top one reminded me of an Angelic Pretty wallet, gee I wonder why? The smaller oui! oui! wallet was just so pink and cute I had to have it. It is a smaller style wallet that only holds the really important stuff like money, cards, and that is it but I still really like it. I also bought a couple scarves but they aren't too exciting so I didn't take pictures of them. All in all I got two scarves and 2 wallets for about $22. Not bad at all.

Target Finds
 Again, I love new purses and bags. Target often has a cute bag that with a little help can be cute as a button and perfect in Lolita. I found this cute mint bag this weekend for just under $25. They had 2 bags together that were this mint color, the one above, and then another one that looked very similar to the pink sparkle bag that I bought from Target as well several months ago. I really like it but I didn't think that I needed another one so similar. If it had been cheaper I might have gotten both but not at $25 each. I will have to keep an eye out and see if I can get it for a sale price. This one has lots of pockets and zipper pouches which I like because it keeps you a little bit more organized. Once I "cute it up" I will take a picture of it so you can see how cute it is.

 What a cute pair the bag and wallet make together. Pink and mint go so well together.

Now, I know these aren't Lolita but I just love them. All the people I was with when I was at target got sun glasses together. My husband got some cool brown ones and i scooped up these Cat Woman style glasses. Being a kid who grew up reading comics and manga I love to add touches of geeky stuff to all my life. Cat Woman has been a favorite comic hero of mine for some time. Mostly the cartoon and comic Cat Woman, not the movies so much. These glasses just made me think of her goggles. In a weird way they look really good with a black Lolita dress that I wear often.


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