Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Lolita Highlight: Stellagemellata

Spring is in full swing now and I think Spring is the most daring of all the seasons. The world is starting over, waking up, and it is a time for newness. That means I am doing this highlight on a "newer" part of Lolita, Bitter Sweet. Bitter Sweet is a mix of the Sweet style and adding dark accents. I don't think it is its own style or genre yet but it is tossed around a bit. I rather like it. 
Stellagemellata is an adventurous Lolita who is very good at Bitter Sweet Lolita and adding bits of punk and alternative style to her co-ords. People who play around with their co-ords and have a little fun make me happy. Yes, there are rules in Lolita but that doesn't mean you can't bend and play around with them.
How cool is she? A bad ass Lolita for sure. I would not mess with her. Her JSK, pink blouse, black tights and boots, and black biker jacket make a nice combination.  It is a nice outfit for a spring day. I really enjoy walking around in public wearing my Lolita co-ords proudly and her outfit above would be one I would love showing off.

 This outfit is just plain adorable. Light pink and black are such nice colors together. They compliment each other very well, especially in Lolita. Her shoes are amazing as well. I love shoes and boots with big heels and high platforms but I don't how tall they make me. Stellagemellata says the same thing in her post. Even though she is short they make her tower over a lot of people. I think people get confy with their height and when it is changed a  lot it just feels weird.

On top of her cute Daily Lolita post she has a blog as well, Under the Glass Umbrella. I found it through her post on Daily Lolita and now I follow it. you might want to as well. She has posts about her daily co-ords, fashion shows, Monster High dolls, occasional videos, and more. Check it out!


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