Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lolita Meme Part 6

Whoo baby!  Half way through the meme.  This is alot of information to share.  I wonder if anyone is actually reading these or if I am just writing these for myself.  I am still waiting for my first Google Follower.  I actaully had a dream last tnight that I got my first 2 and they left comments on one of my posts.  I was so excited.  I ran around the house (in my dream) and told my husband about it.  One day I hope this happens for real.  Now, onto the Meme that hopefully someone is reading.

51. Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?

No.  I have done some costume changing in a bathroom in a convention center.

52. What do you think of "twin" and "triplet" lolitas?
I personally love it.  I especially love it when they do it in diffent color schemes.  It's so cute to see 2 or 3 girls all wearing the same outfit and all holding hands. 

53. How do you keep in shape for lolita? Recommend something.
Oh goodnss.  I should be very fit but I am not.  I work at a YMCA but I work at the front desk so I spend most of my time sitting at a computer.  My husband is starting P90X so I want to get back into DDR while he is doing that.  I was on a diet and doing DDR everyday for quite some time a few years ago and it was working wonders.

54. Do you keep calm when you wear lolita alone in public?
Most definetley.  I have always dressed however I have wanted and not what is cool or even socially acceptable.  Before I wore Lolita I plenty of looks, stares, and comments.  Now, it is the same but I just get asked if I am in a play more often.

55. How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?
Well.  I actually try to spend as little as possible.  I am in massive debt so sewing my own clothes and making my own jewelry is how I roll.

56. Was there a time lag between knowing about lolita and dressing in the fashion?
Yes.  I was dressing in Lolita style for about 2 years before I officaly knew about it.

57. What is your most expensive lolita item?
I have to say my baby blue Baby dress.  I only paid $100 for it but that is enough to count as expensive for me.
58. It takes a lot of money to be a lolita. How do you save?
I have a jar that I throw coins, $1's, and $5's into.  Whenever I have money floating around in my bag, car, or desk I just through it in there.  I also sell my wares online.  All of my work money goes towards credit cards, student loans, gas, groceries, pets, and any other lving expense.

59. Just a little secret here... How much have you spent so far on lolita, roughly?
Let me see.  When all is said and done it is close to $1500.

60. Is there a brand shop you want near where you live?
Any.  Please please please come to NYC.  I live about 3 hours away and I would make the drive no problem and toss all of my money at any brand that came near me.  It is probably good that there isn't.  It wouldn't help with my "saving money" absolution.


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