Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You have to start sometime....

     So, heres the deal.  I am 26, married, and in massive debt.  Not just a little debt that can be paid off with a few extra shifts at work but a real and very scary amount of money.
      I went to The Art Institute of Philadelphia for 3 years and got my Bachelors in Fashion Design.  I have always wanted to be a fashion designer since the age of 4 or so.  My mother made me a hideous orange dress for my Barbie and gave it to me after 15 minutes of sewing.  I knew immeiately that I could design and make dresses far beter than that and I did just that.  I made oodles of Barbie dresses by hand for years.  Soon Barbie dresses turned into Prom dresses in my teens and in my 20's, my own clothes. 
     After 3 years of school I gained the knowledge and the skills to make my own designs, illustrate them, drape and draft the patters, sew, and finish garments.  Along with these skills and knowledge I also gained my debt.  Living in Philadelphia meant I had lots of expenses so I have 2 credit cards that are maxed out. 
     Now it is one year later and I owe alot of money.  I owe Visa, Amex, Sallie Mae (student Loans), and Dept. of Education Loans.  My day job pays for gas in my car and my Sallie Mae student loans.  I have been living like this for about 6 months.  Something has to change.
     This blog will track my debt, my designs (illustrated to completed), and  possibly more.  I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck and cringe everytime I think about money.  I have the skills and passion to get my self out of debt so I just have to apply myslef.
     I hope to post several sketches a week and complete one garment a week, along with jewely and accessories.  Pictures, sketches, and thoughts will be posted i'm hopeing almost daily.
     Thanks for reading and taking an interest.


  1. My interest in making clothes started with my teddies and Barbies too :D I have tons of fun looking at scraps of fabric and imagining what amazing things I can make with them.

    I spend more of my time imagining what clothes I could make than actually making them. That is why I have a huge stash of cute fabric for my lolita clothes. But I will get through it all eventually!

  2. I completely relate.

    I'm about to graduate from Parson's and my head is spinning with the amount of debt I have.

    I'm moving back home to cut down on expenses, but the other half of that is income, lol- what to do what to do...


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