Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily Lolita Highight- Tsukasa

  Good Monday All!  I hope the first weekend of November treated you well.  I had a pretty low key one so I am happy.  Let us start off this week with a snazzy Daily Lolita Highlight.  I saw this post on egl instead of Daily Lolita because these two lovely ladies did a photo shoot and wanted to show the egl community.  I do love seeing photo shoots on egl, they are so well done most of the time.  Here we go....
Hanna & Inka
I know.  So pretty.  Together they make a pretty pair wearing corsets and tiny hats.  I love love love the small black crown.  You don't see miniature crowns in Lolita much these days. I think we should come back in a big way.  The mesh gloves add a touch to their coordinates as well.  The contrast between their hands and sleeves make their hands look delicate and very lady like. 

 These shots and their outfits look like they could be taken right out of the Gothic and Lolita Bible.  The mostly black with touches of white and light colors make for a simple yet captivating color story.  

 The black corsets, which are gorgeous by themselves, give them such a nice silhouette.  The prefect Lolita silhouette.  I don't know where they got them but they are amazing.  I nicely made corset that fits correctly is an amazing thing.  You feel strong and beautiful in it.  You can tell in these photos that they feel beautiful.  It shows.

There are many more photos on their post on egl so you should definitely go and take a peek.  You will not be sorry that you did.  Lovely photo shoot girls and I can't wait to see if you are going to do another one.


  1. Lovely models and pictures! I love the hot air balloon skirt and the crown hat! Thanks so much for sharing~

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Oh I'm surprised to see this post... I'm the girl wearing the balloon skirt. :') The photographer really did an amazing job with the pictures.

    If interested, here you can find my own version of the post:

  3. @Serina Rein
    Oh! I am so happy you found this post. You two look lovely. I will check your blog out. Thanks so much for the great pictures.


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