Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Kitty at Target

  I know Hello Kitty isn't really Lolita but she is so cute.  But, she might have a bit of Lolita in her.  She wears big bows, frilly dresses, and has collaborated with several Lolita brands.  Hello Kitty and Target have been together for a couple years now.  This makes me happy because it allows people to get their hands on Hello Kitty things without paying a ton.  (On a side note.  I used to live in Philly and in China Town there was a Hello Kitty store.  It was amazing.  I miss it so much.)   
Anywhoo, I was at my local Target last weekend.  Like most people I check out what is in the dollar section.  Great stuff is there!  That is where great stuff lives.  I found a whole bunch of Christmas Hello Kitty stuff.  I went a little crazy.  I just threw stuff in the basket.

 4 magnets and 2 post it note pads.  Nothing too amazing here but super cute so I had to get them. 
Post it notes are great for my grocery shopping lists and as book marks.

A pretty necklace and bracelet.  I was suprised that the necklace was just a dollar like the bracelet.  It has such a fun and fruity variety of colors.  I think I will wear these on winter days that are a bit dreary.

 Hello Kitty Christmas Goodies!!!!!  Yea!  This year I am going to have a tiny 2 or 3 foot fake Christmas tree instead of a full size one.  I got a very large cat tower and it took up the designated tree spot.  So, these tiny Hello Kitty ornaments will be perfect for the tiny tree.  The bottom two pictures are of 3-D stickers.  I got the first one to go one the outside of the gift right next to the gift/name tag.  And, the pink ones are just for me. 


  1. So lucky! ;A; My local Target never has any Kitty-chan stuff~ </3

  2. I've seen/purchased some of this/other HK things from the Target store near me. ^-^~
    They sometimes have cute Hello Kitty purses, too!

  3. soo cute stuff *__* i love it ~


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