Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabric and Trims From NYC

These fabrics were bought with the purpose of making sun dresses to sell in local stores.  They are all silk and feel so smooth. Since they are so light they are also a bit see through. These will need to be lined but I would have done that anyway. A good dress is lined.

I know these fabrics don't look like the most amazing thing but that is fine since I only spent a dollar per yard. They were in large bins mixed with hundreds of other fabrics. The front black, white, and blue fabric looks like a stripey blue popcorn print. I got it because it was so weird. I am not sure what I am going to do with these but I am sure that I will find a purpose for each one.

I know! These fabrics look just like an Emily Temple Cute print. I saw the pink one in a crowed shop and grabbed it immediately. It is super wide fabric at 68 inches wide so I bought 3 yards. I can make a lot with 3 yards. 5 minutes after I got the melon color I was the mint and freaked out even more. I scooped up the same amount and was happy as a clam. They were only 4 dollars a yard. So awesome! I kept my eyes open for Lolita like prints and was very happy I got these ones.

These are some of the cards that I grabbed at the shop I visited. I bought something from each of them. I highly recommend each of them.

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