Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cliss Wigs for Sale and New Fun Hair

  About a month ago I wanted to spice up my Lolita wardrobe with some new wigs.  I did some research on-line and I found the wigs I wanted and made the plunge.  I ordered 3 wigs that were all different and fun.  I love the one (which you are not going to see in this post) and the other two are super cute but I think I just look silly in them.  So, I am selling them. 
  I wanted to give you lovely ladies the chance to buy them before I put them up on egl sales.  I want tem to go to good homes where they will get used and not sit in a drawer like they would with me.  They have only been tried on for about 3 minutes.  So, they are brand new.

 Short Bob Wig
I played around with the wig and I liked it best a little fluffed but it naturally comes smooth and silky like the the stock picture.
$24.00 shipped anywhere.

Long Bronze Wig
I love the shape and body of this wig but the color just is not me.  
$28.00 shipped anywhere.

So, if you are interested just leave me and comment and we can work it out.
I have been trying to do funky new hairstyles for my spicy new hair.  Today, I went with a cute pink bow and a nice up-due.  When I am at work I like to have my hair up just because it is so long and gets in the way.


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