Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sad Lappy Day

My AMAZING husband got me a gorgous new laptop a couple of weeks ago and I was lving it.  It was so big, shiney, powerful, and just plain great.  Notice how I am talking in the past tense.  On Friday afternoon I was doing my regular thing.  I checked my regular sites and blogs, placed an order on amazon, played on Facebook, and then I tried to see EGL.  No go.  The computer crapped itself and would not start up again.  My husband tried everything he could think of and nothing worked.  Turns out the hard drive was broken/dying. 
  I sent my sad lappy off today and will be getting my new one soon.  In the mean time I am using my husbands little Eee PC.  So, no nice photos or anything really in depth until I get photo-shop back.  But, soon I will have my new new lappy and all will be right in the world again.


  1. awww,,, so sorry to hear that! i do hope it gets back to normal sooon :(

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