Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight- TableSheet

More often than not when I do a Daily Lolita highlight the pictures are from meet-ups, personal photos from their homes, and outside.  Rarely are the pictures from projects and from a more serious source.  The concept for this shoot is " the kitchen where nobody eats" and buy is that right.  I really want to eat the cupcakes and I want TableSheet to eat the cupcakes as well. 
I really appriciate and love the simplicity of her outfit.  The lovely combination of crimson, black, and white look so simple yet so elegant.  You don't always have to be dripping in pearls, bows, miles of lace and ruffles, and curly hair to be a lovely Lolita.  TableSheet is a perfect example of this.  A simple hair bow is all the accessory she needs.  (She made it herself)
Another thing she proves is that you don't have to spend oodles of money to look beautiful.  (I am a big believer in this)  The most expensive item is her OP which is from F+F so it did not break the bank for her.  I really love her shoes which I am so close to buying from Bodyline. 
Outfit Rundown:
OP - Fan + Friend
Shoes - Bodyline
Headbow - Handmade
Stockings - Random shop
 One of the small details which I really like are the pockets on the OP.  Pockets look cute on some Lolita dresses and OP's and they are adorable on this one.  They add a little something extra.  Small, unnecessary details are fun and especially makes my fun in Lolita.  
Hop on over to TableSheets egl post to see more pictures and read the lovely comments.  It makes me smile when I see a nice Daily Lolita post and all of the great comments.


  1. She's such a great classic lolita! I love her dress and I like how it isn't too cluttered. It's simple, but yet it still looks very Lolita! Good choice! :)

  2. wow! She is a natural lolita! Her face is definately fit for her outfit! love her dress ^^

  3. Just discovered your lovely blog and am completely in love with your Daily Lolita features...I love the sheer variety of expression that the lolita culture provides! I think fashion is all about fantasy and expression no matter what style it happens to be (which is why I can never commit to one style of fashion...my moods are always changing!)

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Hope Ava


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