Monday, February 13, 2012

Lolita on the Poster for Are All Men Pedophiles? Movie

I don't write serious posts very often because I want my blog to be a happy place and I prefer to write about light hearted subjects but sometimes you have to address certain issues. Last night I was checking my blog roll and I spotted a movie poster with a Lolita on it and I got excited. I thought we were getting anther Lolita documentary and I think, "The more, the merrier". Once I started reading the post I started getting a little concerned. The movie, Are All Men Pedophiles?, features a Lolita dresses in Angelic Pretty on the movie poster. 

My first thought when I saw and now see this is just, "Oh dear." Lolita fashion is already misunderstood by most people. I can't even tell you how many times I have been asked if I am in a play, wearing a costume, or just asked what am I wearing and why am I wearing it while they have confused and strange look on their face. If this movie and its poster gets picked up and gains popularity like the Super-size Me movie I will be really concerned for Lolita fashion. We don't need people automatically linking Lolita fashion with pedophilia. 

 Since  yesterday people have been talking up a storm about it and about their opinions of it. There have been a few posts on egl and several posts on Lolita blogs. I highly recommend taking a look at what other people have been saying about the issue.  An e-mail was sent to people involved with making the movie letting them know about Lolita fashion and how it has nothing to do with men, pedophilia, sex, or anything remotely to do with them and this was their response.

"The documentary does not offend Lolita nor does it compare it to pedophilia. Wild assumptions about what pedophilia is or isn't is why the documentary was made in the first place.
The reason why we choose Lolita is because in the film we do a section about Japanese culture.
If you are in New York in march we can gladly invite you to the World Premiere on the 3rd of March."
I see a few flaws with this statement. One, the Lolita community is not upset about the movie (it isn't even out for viewing yet) we are upset with the above poster. If this movie does indeed talk about Japanese fashion that is fine, and that is actually great if they know their stuff and speak of it correctly. We just want to protect our fashion from being misunderstood and mislabeled.
The other problem I have with their response is the invitation to the premiere. I feel they are saying it to be positive and have good PR but who wants to go to a movie dressed like the girl on the poster of a pedophilia movie. Not many. 

You might notice that on many of their pages they have an alternate poster featuring a young woman's face. I like this poster and think it might accurately represent the movie better. Since it sounds like Lolita and Japanese fashion is just a part of the movie it might not be the best choice for the movie poster. I don't want them to do anything crazy like not showing the movie (I am sure they worked very hard on and they deserve to show it) I just would like to see the Lolita poster done away with. Use the other one. Everyone is happy. I think. I am not claiming to know what is best or how to fix this "problem", I just feel a certain way I wanted to let it be known. 

So I say read, watch, and inform yourself on the issue and form your own opinion. If you feel the need to let the makers of the movie know that you are displeased with the poster with the Lolita on the cover you can go HERE and sign a petition. It has gained thousands of signatures over a short amount of time and it might get the message heard.


  1. I read somewhere that they didn't even tell the model it was going to be for that movie, and only told her about the Japanese fashion bit... but I'm not sure if it's true.

    1. No that is very much true. The makes lied to her, she didn't knew it was about pedophilia, but thought it was about Japanese fashion styles, because that's what he told her.

  2. From what I gather, it seems that the Lolita poster is not even a representation of his movie. I don't understand why he would single out Lolita fashion when the subject of his doc is not focused on solely Lolita fashion style. (And the fact that not all Lolitas are sweet lolitas) That's false advertising, seeing as Lolita fashion has nothing to do with wanting to attract pedos and just overall confusing to highlight it on the poster. I think that he should have chose a more universal and generic image of a young girl for the poster like the second one. Seeing as a pedo would most likely be looking at a girl wearing average clothing like jeans and a tank top than obscure Lolita fashion.

    Besides that, I think the movie is distasteful and the guy comes off as arrogant and trying to justify pedophilia, I couldn't watch after his interview where he stated "It's a mans world" EXCUSE ME? That alone tips me off to his mindset sounds like that women are pieces of meat and weather she is underage or not, it's ok for a man to have a go at because biologically, she is able to have sex. Ridiculous.

  3. This poster seems to be on every blog I follow now. It's really terrible if a producer tells the people he hires it's for something when it's not. In my eyes, the movie shouldn't even be played then. Because if it's not made the right way, then it doesn't deserve air time.

    ~ Kieli ~


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