Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lolita Spotted on a Non Lolita Blog

I spotted a nice little surprise in my daily blog reading. A little bit of Lolita where I don't really expect it. I read the blog 1000 Things About Japan, which is a fun read. It is written by an American woman who has lived in Japan since 1989. Every other day she writes about a thing she will or will not miss when she leaves. I am not even sure how I found her blog but now it is a regular read. I really like it.
Yesterday, her post was titled Won't Miss #420 - talking to people in masks. Here is a blurb .....

I think it's quaint and somewhat endearing that you see Japanese people running around wearing surgical masks. It speaks to a certain meticulousness, paranoia, and, yes, even consideration for others. It's also the only way people ever seem capable of covering their mouths when they cough and sneeze. On the flip side though, there is an issue when they keep wearing them even when they are indoors and in a conversation with other people........ It's harder to read expressions and feels like I'm having a convivial conversation with a bank robber.

And here is the photo that was attatched to it. Do you notice a cute little Baby The Stars Shine Bright bag? She isn't dresses in Lolita but I have a feeling she has a cute little goody in her bag. Perhaps a necklace or a pair of new socks. New socks are so much fun. It is cool to see things like this. Lolita in the wild. I never see anything Lolita where I live so spotting it on the internet is cool. I highly recommend you hop on over to her blog and give it a read. She always has an interesting view and point to share.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I did check her out, her blog is very interesting and matches some of the things I remember from when I visited. Very cool!


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