Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Lolita Etsy Treasury

I love Etsy! It is so much fun to browse around and see all the fun things that people have made. There is just so much and people are always adding more. One the front page there is always a selected bunch of items that have been rounded up by a user. It is called a Treasury. They are fun and easy to make. Just come up with a theme, find the items you want, and build your Treasury. Easy.

Last night I got the itch to make my own and I wanted to make a Lolita one. Why not? So, I scoured all the sweet and pink items I could find and put together this cute collection. All of these items come from shops with oodles of cute things that any Lolita would love. Click here to see the Treasury and check all the shops out. All of the prices are more than reasonable and within most everyone's budget.

On a completely separate note, the Rite Aid down the road from me is moving and they are selling everything at 75% off. This includes make up and certain hair accessories. I am going to check it out today and see what I can scoop up. The store is really selling its good fast so I have a feeling it might be slim pickings. I will show you what I was able to grab tomorrow. See ya!


  1. Etsy is my favorite place for small purchases,mostly jewelry!

  2. Etsy is so awesome! I find everything I need ♥ And I have heard about this Treasury feature but never used it. Thanks for the post on it! Maybe I'll make one of my own :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. They seriously need more treasuries like this! *w*


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