Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is Milanoo and Why you Should Avoid Them

 When you are starting in Lolita and looking around the web you might have stumbled upon any of the site below and not even known it. They look fine at first but there is something wrong with them. They belong to a company called Milanoo. 
Milanoo has a terrible reputation and for very good reasons. The claim to sell fine bridal wear, Lolita clothing, formal wear, and oodles of other women's wear at greatly discounted prices. This is not the case. This company does many shady things and you should never consider them a source for your Lolita wardrobe.
 They flat out steal pictures from brand websites, Photoshop out their watermarks and put their own ones in and claim the designs to be theirs.I have heard so many stories on egl and Lolita blogs about girls getting scammed by them and it is sad. Especially since it usually happens to newer Lolitas and they are so excited for their new Lolita dress and what shows up in the mail is not what they ordered. They will receive a lace monster, cheap satin dress that no Lolita would ever want to wear. I have also heard of girls just getting ripped off, damaged goods, bad customer service, and more.
Once you know your stuff these Milanoo sites are easy to spot. They don't go by the name Milanoo so they are being tricky. Milanoo has a nasty habit of owning a site but denying that it is them. Why would you deny owning a site and shop unless your name wasn't good? 

Ways to Spot a Milanoo Site:
Terrible Photoshopping
The words cosplay everywhere on the site
They are selling lingerie/sexy clothing as well
The pictures look just like brand picutres
They sell sexy maid costumes
If you are not whether a shop is reputable  just ask. Most of the people on egl will tell you if they have ever bought from a site, if they are good, if they are Milanoo, or whatever else you will need to know. Plus, if you do a post on egl asking about a site and it does turn out to be another Milanoo site, now everyone will know and it will save some guys and gals from some heartache. 

Everything below is from Tumblr. It is not my making but the work of gothiclizzie
Submission: Milanoo and known aliases. (a.k.a. Places you should never buy from)
submission from gothiclizzie:
Thought I’d toss this out there since there seem to be quite a few questions coming in from people new/newer to the Fashion.
This is an up-to-date List of Milanoo & their known Aliases.
http://www.everbuying. com/


  1. I'm both happy and sad that I read this post lol I'm glad that all of these sites were pointed out but I'm sad that the only place I could find Loli clothes that I could fit into - is on that list.

    As I'm sure you've seen in my comments, I'm not a small girl but I'm not big either. I'm in between and that's always an annoying issue when looking for clothes. So I tend to migrate towards stores that have the option for custom sizing. =/

    Would you be able to recommend any stores for new Lolis that can't fit into tiny dresses and won't break the bank?

    Thank you!

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. Hey! Sorry about being on that list.
      My fave places to get Lolita clothing that fits me (I am in the same boat as you) are Bodyline, the egl com sales, seamstresses on egl, and replica places like Dream of Lolita have bigger sizes.

    2. oooo Thankies! I like Bodyline stuff a lot! And I will try the others! EGL as soon as I find out how to find anything on there xDDD

      ~ Kieli ~

  2. I came across Milanoo once and at first I thought "this is great!". Luckily, I have enough wits to always search the net for reviews before I order from any store, and that is how I learned the truth about them.

    Great report, it is good that you help warning people to order from being scammed ;)

  3. Thanks for the info! When I first encountered the site I knew I shouldn't expect high-end stuff, but I thought "how bad can it be?" Then I read about a girl on egl who bought what she thought was a light pink lolita and she ended up receiving a full length dress made from cheap Barbie pink polyester.

  4. my my, I didn't realise they had quite so many sites.


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