Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight- Psycho Shoujo

  Most of the time when I do a daily Lolita highlight I am a little jealous, a healthy amount of jealous.  These girls (and hopefully soon some guys) are my favorites who I feel do just a great job and have a certain something that makes them special.  And that makes me a little envious and it also makes me want to be a better Lolita.  This Lolita is not different and perhaps I am even more jealous of this one.  She has an air about her that is just lovely.
 Psycho Shoujo  posted her pictures from her trip to Ireland and more specifically, Dublin on St. Patty's Day.  Ireland is in the top part of my list of the countries that I would absolutely love to visit.  For some reason I feel all the people in Ireland are super friendly and kind.  I absolutely know this is not the case but I can dream.  I applaud her for not wearing all green outfits just because she is in Ireland on St. Patty's Day.  Her classic modest skirts with Gothic crosses match and embody the strong religious ties Ireland has.
I know black and white are not quite as popular as they used to be together but I love they was she has put them and herself together.  Her killer Demonia shoes (which I totally want to steal) look amazing with her corset style designed socks.  One of my favorite parts of her outfit is her headdress which she made herself.  I obviously make and wear most of the jewelry and accessories that I wear so I just love it when girls do the same.  There is something very special about a handmade piece, especially when you make it yourself.
Her long cherry coke hair and simple black eye shadow and eyeliner allow you to really appreciate her outfit.   There are times for super fun make up that is a bit over the top and sometimes you have to make it a little quieter.  I believe she made the right choice.
Along with her black and white outfit she also wore a great red Meta JSK.  She has a way of putting herself together.  She has lovely quiet outfits that are still very interesting to look at and smartly combined.
Perhaps one day I can stand in Dublin in my cute and smart Lolita dresses just  like Psycho Shoujo.  I doubt I will be quite as lovely as her though.


  1. grmbl, some of the pictures aren't working but I think that's my pc's doing.
    I have awarded you with a sweet blog award ^^ Just check my blog :)

  2. If you go to Ireland, you must go the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry! They're so incredibly beautiful! The people there are super nice, especially in the country side! ♥

  3. cute blog :D
    show your things !

  4. ow I love it soo much ^_^the lolita dresses are wonderful!
    you don't see it here, but I'm changing that, because now I'm trying to bring in belgium too ^_^

  5. Adorable pictures!
    I love the scenery & how she sticks out, with out looking unnaturally placed. ^^


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