Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Salt Lake City Business

  On Sunday I spent the day shopping with my mother and we had a great time walking around the outside mall that was in SLC.  We had a few things that we needed to buy like gifts for people back home, new cell phones, and some more sweets.  There were several shops that had some cute things but most were completely not me.  I found some cute huge purses and a killer bed that I loved.
One of the best shops we went to was a cooking and baking supply shop kind of like Williams and Sonoma.  They had the best baking section.  I would have killed to  have a shopping spree in the shop.  Their stuff was so cool and so expensive.  I spotted a browning/cookie tin that was small individual wells for each cookie that were in the shape of tiny castles and flowers.  It was very heavy and I know it would last you your whole life but it was $38.00.  Not a thrifty purchase at all.  Here are a couple shots of the walls of baking goodies.
I spent most of my free time walking around the city and when I was not doing this I was sleeping or getting ready in the hotel room.  The room had a nice vanity to sit at so I spent a good portion of my time in at the vanity doing my hair and makeup.  I brought my tiny lappy with me to SLC so i watched tons of WildBoyz.  I love those guys.  They are so funny.
On Sunday night, our last night in SLC, we went across the street to the Grand America Hotel to get dinner around 9:30pm.  I got a chicken Cesare salad and my mother got a Cobb salad.   They were both very yummy.  On the way out we passed the hotels sweets shop and a window they had set up all pretty and I spotted something, Macarons!!!
We went back to the same cafe for breakfast and I was able to purchase a bag of macarons from the shop.  I have not opened them yet because I want to share them with everyone so I am going to save them for this weekend.
I wore my new Salt Lake City Dress a couple of times and I got a lot of comments and looks when I was walking around.  Some good, some bad, and some just strange.  I forgot my petticoat so it is not nearly as puffy as I would like but it does a not bad job on its own.  I will take more and better pictures of it.  I am quite happy with how it came out.

I am going to have to get my total haul all together and see if I stayed under my $65 budget.  I know it will be really close.  OK girly girls, I think that is it.  I hope hope you enjoyed my trip pictures.


  1. I've been looking forward to seeing this dress since you posted your sketch on EGL, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job. :)

  2. the dress is beautiful, and looks great on you! ^_^


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