Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yummy Treats and Good Reads in Salt Lake City

  Since I have had a lot of time to just walk around and do my own thing I have been googling things to do and shops to see.  Yesterday I went to a sweet shop called Taffy Town and bought some goodies.  I of course got 1 pound of taffy, Giant Gummy Bears, and candy covered sun flower seeds.  All together it cost me just under $9.00.  I am going to bring the taffy home for my husband and our friends. 
I also went to Mini's Cupcakes but I forgot to take pictures and I also dropped the box of cup cakes on the way home so I didn't take any pictures.  I will go back tomorrow and hopefully have a more successful trip. I spent $8.00 on the cupcakes and a water because it was so flippin hot.  I really love to read so I sought out books stores.  The first day I got going a little late so a lot of the shops were closed so I went to the outdoor mall and the Barnes and Nobel and found a good buy.  I got a hard cover Gorillaz book on the band.  Only $7.99.  The Gorillaz are amazing.
Yesterday I went to a local book store that specializes in rare and hard to find books.  Same Wellers look smallish from the outside but it was HUGE on the inside.  I only took a couple pictures so I have to go back.  I want to do a walk around video of the whole shop.  I found the Fairy Tale section of the shop and had a great time looking at all of the books.  I bought Once Upon A Time,  which has several fairy tales, Aesops Fables, and classic stories.  It cost me $15.00. Not bad.   It is an origianl printing and has that great old book smell to it.
So far I have only spent $8.00 on the Gorillaz book, $8.00 on the cupcakes, $15.00 on the fairy tale book, $9.00 of the candy, and $1.75 on a Dr. Pepper before I got back to the hotel.  All together $42.00.  I might have to dip into my bank account if I want to buy anything big.
I walked around the hotel and took some pictures.  The hotel has a color palette of golds, oranges, reds, and yellows.  There is a gold glow to the entire place.  The outside of the hotel is surrounded my green.  There are trees, bushes, and flowers everywhere.

This last shot is wore today, Saturday, during the day.  I have been using a parasol anytime that I go out in the sun.  I am one of those people who just burn.  I can go in the sun for 10 minutes and I will be pink.
I have more plans for tonight including meeting up with anther Lolita and having her show me around and then going to a bash.  I will be wearing my blue Salt Lake City dress that I made just for this trip so I will be sure to take many pictures.  See you soon.


  1. That bookstore is amazing! *-*
    I love your outfit too~ :)

  2. Thank You. I made this red dress for my honey moon last October.

  3. Waaa, American sweets are the best! :-))

    Your outfit is very cute! :-))

    My friend loves book stores and would die for that fairy story book! :-)

  4. Linked your blog in my Weekly Wrapup! I love all your pictures!!

  5. Oooh, I love illustrations by Arthur Rackham, may have to try and find the book.

    Lovely outfit.


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