Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salt Lake City!

  I am there!  After 3 flights and a couple delays I am now settled into my hotel room and hooked up to the free wi-fi.  (Yea for internet!)  I enjoy flying but I think I did a bit too much of it today.  1 flight is fun, 2 is OK, and 3 is too much for me.  That's a lot of up and down. I am staying at the Little America Hotel which is quite nice.  I will take some pics and post them for you guys.
  As of right now I only know 2 things about SLC.  I know about the  movie SLC Punk and love it.  I am a huge Matthew Lillard fan.  I also know there is a cupcake shop that I want to check out, Mini's Cupcakes.
Mmmmmmmm.  Cupcakes.  I am very excited to eat those sweet yummies.
Alright, it is about time I got ready and got familliar with my surroundings.  I have a bad sense of direction so I have a feeling I might get a little lost a couple times but that is alright seeing as I am not going to go very far today.  Wish my luck!


  1. Salt Lake City looks amazing! Are thse the Rockys in the background??

  2. No idea. I am terrible at geography. none of the above pictures are mine. I wish the mountain pic was mine.


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