Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Goodies

  Last Christmas was kinda stinky so I was really hoping to have a good one this year to make up for it, and it did.  The presents weren't amazing but the day was good.  Everyone got along, no one cried, and all were happy.  At the end of the day I could look back and smile.  My husband and I opened our gifts the moment midnight hit.  It is so much fun opening gifts.  He loved his presents and I loved mine.  Here are the things that I got from him and other family members.
 My Aunt and Uncle gave me the black rose headband which is really cute but it gave me a headache because it is so tight.  The tin has little star candies in it and the flower barrettes are from my boss.
 This Dungeons and Dragons comic is from my sister in law and her boyfriend. 
I love this magazine.  My boss gave it to me because it had a lot of pink in it.  
 I saw this shirt on Woot and I freaked out.  My husband got it for me.  Such a sweetie.  I love mermaids.
I also freaked out because of the cuteness when I saw this cupcake shirt.  I still smile every time I see it.  Look at its face!  I can just see and hear it running around and reveling in being naked and free.
Now, the big present.  I love to read and I have been wanting a Kindle for a while.  Now that they are not so expensive I got one from my husband.  It is great.  I found a bunch of free books and some college text books on science so I will be a busy bee.
I got a few other things like white tulle from my mother and some money from my father in law.  It was a very good Christmas and now I can look forward to February for Valentines day and my B-day! 


  1. That cupcake shirt is too cute and funny! ^^

  2. Awww those are some great presents :)
    My friend got a Kindle for Christmas too, and I must say they're really cool!


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