Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dress A Day -05

I think I will call this dress the "I spent 20 hours sewing ruffles dress.".  This dress is not doing anything revolutionary or drastically different but it is super pretty.  The skirt is going to made up of alternating eyelet and chiffon or another light fabric.  The bodice front will have a ribbon cris-crossing across and shirring behind it.  I have never sewing shirring in the front but I imagine it is almost the same as putting it in the back. 
I am thinking that this dress won't have a print or if it does it will be subtle.  I also think that would be an expensive dress to make just because of the amount of eyelet it would need.  Even at 1 dollar per yard it would be $40 -$50 just on that.  I am all about good prices, sales, clearance, and all that so I might have to wait to make this one.


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