Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Dress a Day -11

I know this most likely cheating but I ran out of time for a couple days so I flipped through old drawing and sketches and chose to put them up.  I did this design when I was super in love with crowns and the like.   Even though I did this a while ago I still really like it. 
The skirt is just so light and floaty looking.  If I made this it would have to be made of super light fabric.  I am not one to make or design a standard blouse but this one if nice.  The open collar would be flattering on many body types and the sleeves are kind of cool.  I know the body shape of the above girl is unrealistic but I really like it.  The long willowy legs and tiny waist show off the outfit well.  That is one thing I like and still use from my schooling.  Make your model about 8 to 9 heads high.  It allows you to show off the clothes better and more accurate.

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