Monday, January 24, 2011

NYC Trip Pictures and Fun

I had such a blast last week in NYC!  We went there on a mission to see and show and visit a store and we achieved our goals.  We arrived in the city around 3 or so and got settled into the hotel about 4.  Since the Prince concert started at 7:30 we had an early dinner at the Ginger House.  It is right next to The Fashion Inst. Of Tech and was 3 blocks from our hotel.  Their food is so good.  I had yummy tofu in brown sauce with white rice. 

Once we were done eating my parents went back to the hotel and I went to the TD Bank to close my account that I haven't used in over 2 years.  I got my money, joined my parents, and we made out way to Madison Square Garden.  We got there around 6:30 because my mother told us that we should arrive an hour early) and Prince didn't get on stage until a little after 9.  That was a long wait.  
 Once the show started it was AMAZING!  The stage was his symbol and were right in the front.  He came out onto stage after about 4 and a half minutes of screaming , and he stood on top of his piano and let everyone take pictures of him for a good 45 seconds.   
Once they actually started playing everyone freaked out even more.  The band played snippets of their hits and each song got the crows going more and more.  It was such a good intro.  Here is a video of the show.  He is singing his hit Purple Rain.
After the show we went back to the hotel and went to bed with ears that were ringing just a bit.  Not too bad.  In the morning we had a nice low key breakfast in the hotel, packed up, and made our way to Tokyo Rebel.  We got there right at opening time and boy was it amazing. I have never been to a store that sells brand and I was so excited to see so much Angelic Pretty up close in person. Sorry about the pictures with a haze.  I used my phone to take them and they didn't come out super great but you can still see everything.

Deco goodies!


Angelic Pretty


I had such a great time looking around Tokyo Rebel.  The shop had such nice things.  A good selection of dresses, socks, bags, and a small selection of jewelry and accessories.  I really didn't have much money but I wanted to get something so I purchased a pair of Innocent World socks and a pair of Angelic Pretty wrist cuffs.  I will post pics tomorrow.
I really want to head back to NYC and Tokyo Rebel this year so maybe I will plan to take a trip with my husband.


  1. lovely store, looks like you had a great time ♥

  2. OOooo next time I am in NYC I will have to go to Tokyo Rebel!! I shall save up money just to buy things from there! I love NYC!

    Kitty x

  3. It must have been amazing seeing one of your favorite artists live. ANd thanks for all the pictures of Tokyo Rebel!

  4. I would've gone crazy with the deco goodies...My friend bought a bunch in Japan and offered to deco my camera. I was so tempted to say yes, but then I would feel bad about using up her Deco items...I hope I can go to New York again soon! ♥

  5. Oooh lucky you! The Prince Concert looks awesome from the clip. But then, it's Prince, so awesome is what one gets I suppose :-D

  6. The concert looks pretty awesome! I wish we had a Lolita Brand store in the UK. It looks really lovely and sweet!


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