Thursday, May 13, 2010


  Once of my latest obsessions has been macarons and baking them.  I scoured the internet for recipes, pictures, and info.  One  day when I wasn't even looking for anything macaron related I stumbled upon what I think is a gem.  A beautiful and delicious gem.  Follow me on this journey, won't you?
  When I lived in Philly I did an internship at a shop called Omoi which specialized in Japanese import items and Japanese inspired goodies.  I used to love shopping at the little store that was filled with Cutie Magazines, blind box toys, Fruits books, tabi socks, and oodles of other irresistible kawaii fare.   Now that I am living back in Up State New York I regularly check out the Omoi blog  to see the latest items they get in stock and whatnot.  In my latest visit I discovered i ♥ macarons, By Hisako Ogita.
  I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw a cook book dedicated solely to macarons!  So, to Amazon I went and scooped that baby up.  You too can get this piece of awesome.  I just ordered it a day ago so it will probably make its way to me next week.  Once I have it in my hands I will give you girly girls a peek. 
 Speaking of giving things a peek, check out the Omoi blog and shop.  You will not be disappointed. 


  1. You may be interested in this too :)

  2. Yummy macarons! I wished I could bake them! :-))

  3. Yumm!! I wanna try baking them :D


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