Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Treats and Delicious Desserts

I am getting back to my jewelry making roots and using the cute cookie and biscuits charms that I started making jewelry with. I had forgotten how cute and delicate they look. There is something about jewelry and accessories that are little treats, cookies, and other yummies. I am in the process of listing them on Etsy right now.
I haven't really been into earrings for a while but I have to admit, I really like these cookie earrings. They are the perfect length. They have the cutest bit of dangle.
 One thing I do love and always have is rings.  Slapping on a couple of cute rings is one of the easiest ways to "cute up" on outfit.  I work at the front desk of my local YMCA and we are required to wear a red YMCA polo shirt.  This does not allow for a whole lot of creativity wardrobe wise.  I remedy this by doing a cute hair style and adding 1 or 2 adorable rings to my fingers.  I am always filing out paper work, handing out info, pointing things out/giving directions, and flashing my hands around.  Rings make my hands and me feel pretty.  The cookie rings are almost too much cute for me.  And as always I add a fun necklace and /or bracelet to the mix.   The cake necklace is yummy looking and the heart charm bracelet is so much fun.


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  2. That cake ring is like the cutest thing EVER!! x3

  3. very cute!
    i love the cookie ring~~♥
    feels like noming it xDD

  4. awwww so cute *-*
    i think the cake is the best. :)


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