Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty Fabric Finds

  Last weekend the Jo-Ann's Fabric because I had a coupon and they had their spring silk flowers on sale.  I picked out my favorite flowers and filled my basket.  (I was dressed in Lolita and was carrying around a basket full of flowers.  I felt like walking through a field.)  I made my regular jewelry and ribbon purchases and before I went to the check out I thought I would swing by the clearance fabric.
  Boy was I happy!!  All of the clearance fabric was an additional 50% off.  I got about 18 yards for $1.00 to $2.00.  I have been fantasizing about working at a library and being able to wear Classic Lolita dresses and outfits.  All of the different fabric I bought went along with a specific idea and design.  I also pictured wearing it in the library among the books. 
  The three above will be turned into skirts most likely.   They are just  good old cotton fabrics.   I only bought 3 yards of each so I will have to be creative if I want to do lots of ruffles.  Most of the fabric I bought I got whatever was left so I could not buy more.
  I bought about 6 yards of this pink floral print.  It is so antique and delicate looking I could not help but buy lots of it.  I have big plans for this fabric!  I am making a One Piece Dress with a round neckline.  If I have any left over I am making a cute eco-sack.  Perhaps even a large head bow.
  These two fabrics are going to be accent fabrics.  The red and white polka-dot chiffon will make gorgeous flowy ruffles.  I bought quite a bit of it so I think I can use it to make 2 pieces, a skirt and a jsk.  The light pink fabric is a pretty sheer cotton so I think it be a cutsew and maybe a bolero if I feel like making super cute sleeves.  The last things I bought were a few pearl trims and I love love love them.  I have oodles of ideas for them.
  I know the trim on the right is meant to have the sheer part hidden but I want to utilize it and show all of it.  I have an idea for a slightly pirate themed jsk and using the trim on the right as the straps and on the bodice.
  I have to tidy up my sewing room and then will start sewing this upcoming week.  Perhaps in the future I will do a post on my sewing room.  I am lucky enough that we have an apartment with two bedrooms.

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  1. Lovely fabric! I am sure you're gonna make some awesome and cute dresses with it!


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