Monday, May 31, 2010

Yummy yummy Strawberries

  One of my favorite themes with jewelry and accessories is strawberries.  They are so cute and fresh looking.  It takes almost all of my willpower not to keep the strawberry charms when I buy them because I realize a lot of other people like strawberries too. 
  Perhaps I should make an entire outfit themed to strawberries.  I could buy a cute strawberry print fabric to make a JSK or Op.  Make oodles of strawberry jewelry and accessories. 
  Here are some of the strawberry items in my shop that are for sale.  And as always I am doing the free ring with any purchase. 


  1. Lovely cute items!! I also like strawberries so much, but only as accessoires, hahaha!

  2. awww so kawaii *-* yummm. lol (L)

  3. That would match my seals wonderfully! My seal is dressed as a strawberry and now I can match her! :3


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