Monday, December 6, 2010

International Lolita Day Girlies!

  On this latest International Lolita Day girls and guys went out in their frilliest best.  I didn't really have any exciting plans but I still dressed up.  We (me, my husband, and a friend) went to the Super Walmart to get some delicious cereal and buy did I get plenty of looks.  I live in Up State NY so people don't see many different things so it is to be expected.  The woman who checked me out asked my about my outfit and was very friendly and loved my dress!  Awesome! 
I wanted to do a very flowery hair-do so I went to town.  Flowers in hair are so pretty.  I usually have a little bundle in my hair but I should start wearing bigger flowers as well.   I bought several large roses that are different colors at Jo-Ann's when they were on sale and I haven't done anything with them.
On Daily Lolita there were tons of beautiful Lolitas all dolled up and looking great.  Here are are some of my favorites who celebrated in style.  It is always great to see people really enjoying their style and fashion.  Quite cool. Keep it up ladies and gents.   You can click on their name to see more pictures.



She made her dress, lovely.

Everyone looks So pretty!


  1. I like your hairstyle. I didn't have plans either, but dressed up anyway. It's neat seeing how many lolitas really went to town with their Loliday coords.

  2. love the Lolita dresses you show here! Hope all is well with you!

  3. thanks for posting my photo, i'd really apprecieted it! And your hair were lovely <3

  4. thank you for adding my photo!<3
    I love your hair so much *_*

  5. Awesome! Nice to see another New Yorker here!! I don't dress loli yet, but I will as soon as I find the means to lol XD Your outfit is absolutely lovely!!

  6. Yay! n__n I'm glad to share space with such beautiful ladies and awesome coordiantes ♥!

  7. I did not knew it, but dressed Loli anyways to go to the doctor! XD
    Your hairstyle is very elegant, although a bigger flower with other little one would be beautiful, as you seems to have long hair! ^_^

  8. I'm still trying to get the whole "flowers in the hair" style down. SOMEDAY! I will do it. It looks great on you though :D

    Loooove the daily lolita pictures--especially the ones with snow in the background~!


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