Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

  I won't be getting anything Lolita for Christmas and that is okay.  I don't really need more Lolita clothing.  I have more than enough.    But, in an amazing world where every thing is perfect and I could get whatever I wanted for Christmas these are some of the things I would ask Santa to bring me.
 I love a nice high waited skirt.  The light chiffon looks so floaty.  I have an Ita dress that I bought when I first started wearing Lolita.  It has a really nice skirt and a not so nice top.  I want to cut it in half and make a skirt very similar to the one above.  You can see more about the skirt here.

 Another high waisted skirt. This print is sooooooo cute.  The window and cat really caught my eye.  More here.
 This blouse is very flattering.  The off the shoulder lace ruffle and small vertical pleats running down the front of the bodice make this blouse something special.  Take a peek at more pictures here.
 Everything in the above picture is great except for the stripey socks.  (They make me think of Halloween).  I can picture wearing this outfit on a nice breezy day. The lace and frills blowing around around me.  It makes me want Spring to come around faster.  Click here to see more pictures of this blouse.
 Okay.  This outfit is pretty much a dream outfit for me.  I am sure a lot of us can remember when this was on the cover of the Gothic and Lolita Bible.  You can get it for a fraction of the price at Kids Yoyo.  Look at it!  It is prefect.  The pink.  The buttons.  The little crowns along the skirt. 
 There is nothing that I can say about this.  I just love it.  Pics


  1. Jewellery Box is also one of my dream items! It sounds stupid but I'm a bit happy that they make a replica of it, because otherwise I would never get it (and even if I had found it, I would not fit into it xDDD)

  2. Oh, I need to say thank you! I found a coat on taobao some time ago and fell in love with it, now that you reminded me of qutieland I will probably buy it there! *w*

    I love everything on your wishlist, even if right now I'm obsessed with red. Cat window is on my wishlist too!
    Your dream outfit is lovely. <3

  3. I love all the outfits, especially the first and third. When I saw the third picture's blouse, I started thinking to myself, "I must have it!" :D

  4. Gorgeous dresses! I LOVE the crowns on the Kids Yoyo one!

    Kisses, Melanie


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