Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is Lolita to You?

  I have been working really hard on a Lolita project which I am very excited about.  From this day forward I will refer to it as the Lolita Project.  With the Lolita Project I will be asking my readers their opinions a lot.  I really hope that you want to share. 
  The first thing that I wan to know is what is Lolita to YOU.  I know the definition and the explanation we give to people who ask what Lolita is but I want your feeling and thoughts on Lolita.  
How does it make you feel?  Why do you love it?  What is it to you?
Please note that I might quote you and use the name that is linked to your comment so keep that in mind.  If you don't want to be quoted please just make a note after your comment that you would prefer not to be.
So, lay it on me and let me know how you feel.


  1. Lolita makes me feel WONDERFUL, I'm not skinny, I have some meat on my bones, but I keep in shape.I also have huge boobs and huge hips even though I have almost no tummy so when I wear Lolita forget about how unperfect I am in everyday clothes and how amazing and beautfiul I look in my JSK or OP and all the makeup. It makes me feel like I can look just as pretty as the other girls out there but with my own flair, that is also the reason I love Lolita. Theres so many styles to try out and different designs to help flatter every figure.
    Lolita is almost like another life to me, I feel more outgoing and myself when I'm dressed up rather then when I'm in jeans and a band t-shirt on the street.
    =D I could never live without some sort of Lolita clothing in my closet.

  2. To me, Lolita is about beauty and feeling beautiful! I don't need it to feel good, but it sure helps (:
    I love how the fashion has so many varities, is so gorgeous and different. It's just too lovely for words!

  3. am beautiful lovely dream that i can make happen in real life and it pulled me out of depression

  4. I love it because it is freeing. Lolita is so far from my usual reality that it offers an escape from the monotony of everyday life. No matter what happens I can always feel like a princess~

  5. To me, Lolita means so much. It's hard to put down my exact feelings, both because English isn't my native language and because my love for Lolita has its roots from a very still hard-to-talk-about part of my life, which is the major part of my life.

    Lolita make me feel like myself. I have a very split way of seeing myself and Lolita is able to take out both of those sides I have. By being able to show both of my sides in how I dress it has been easier for me to feel like being myself. It doesn't matter if I'm social that day or if I'm shy that day - I still feel like myself.

    I started to love it because it was cute and had so many substyles. But as time passed by it just brightened up my days. I have been severely depressed for many, many years and even just wondering if a JSK would be cute with this or that made my days much easier to go through. I didn't even have to own or ever buy the JSK! By starting to feel good about how I can and am looking, I slowly got out of the depression. I was bullied for a long time and they all too often said I was ugly, but now I don't see the ugly girl they were talking about. I know she actually never existed - and that thanks to Lolita - but I thought she did.

    So, in short, you could say, Lolita is a saviour for me (chuckle). A saviour from a very destructive way of seeing yourself and from a state of mind that could just as well led to the end of my life.

    I hope this comment isn't too depressing nor with too many grammatical errors or halfway thought thoughts! I just wrote what I felt without really looking back on what I wrote, and I know that if I read it, I will change something.

  6. It's pretty simple, actually.

    It's like stepping out of reality for a second and coming back a better person. It's kind of like reverse-Alice-in-Wonderland. It's like stepping out of a kind of absurd fairy tale and into reality. Instead of conforming to society's standards, you're making them accept yours. You may seem , but you can joke about it, and you're happier and more creative, and it's just... Nice.

  7. To me, Lolita is a careful ratio of ingredients that when mixed together make a magical experience for me that embodies Lolita:

    2 Parts: Princess -- I'm not talking about the spoiled kind, but rather the the Good type of Princess that tries to help out whenever she can, and is pure at heart.

    3 Parts: Romantic/Old Soul -- Seriously, who doesn't miss the fashion and way of life from the Victorian Age? Back then it was the norm to have tea parties, not like today when most view this past time for old ladies. Ha, but then again, even before reaching 20 I've been called an old lady at heart.

    1 Part: Demureness -- why do I have to go around in short shorts and a cropped t-shirt to be considered attractive?

    2 Parts: Individuality -- I had come to the conclusion that I beat to my own frilly and slightly eccentric drum long ago. Why stop now?
    Related song: "Everything I Want To Be" by Save Ferris.

    2 Parts: Confidence Booster -- I mean, come on now. People may look at me and make comments when I'm in full Loli, but I know that I look good, and somehow, I just feel BETTER when I step out into the world with my ruffles and lace <3

  8. I like lolita because it's just so girly and in a sense old fashioned. In my most impressionable years, people always thought of me as "emo." In a way, lolita makes me feel like I'm getting rid of that part of my life. A part that never made me feel any good.


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