Monday, December 13, 2010

What I got my Husband for Christmas.....

  Okay.  Christmas is one of absolute favorite holidays.  There is just something about the snow, decorations and tree, the carols and songs, everyone wishing you "Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas", and the meetings with friends and family.  Last Christmas was not a great one so I am hoping this one will be extra fun and happy to make up for it.  
  I love Christmas and I love giving presents to my husband so giving him his Christmas gifts is one of the best things in the whole world.  I wrap all of the presents in coordinating wrapping paper and make them look pretty.  Watching him open them and waiting to see his face is awesome.  
  We are a pretty geeky couple and like a lot of things like Dr. Who, video games, anime, science, and drawing.  He does not read my blog so it is pretty darn safe to be posting his gifts on here.  I would just like to share the goodies that I got him.  Some are under the tree and waiting to be opened and some are on their way to the house to be wrapped.
 The Lost Room is a mini seriese that was on the Sci Fi channel.  I highly recommend it.  I got him the whole six episode series on DVD.  We both are big Bruce Campbell fans so I got him the Evil Dead II Blue Ray.  It is his favorite out of the 3 and he doesn't have any of them.
 These two books are from Thinkgeek.  They are both cute little books that have facts, intersting tid bits, and other fun things.
 I got him the Astronaut Ice Cream because we were talking about elementary school field trips and I mentioned going to a space museum and eating the ice cream and he said he had never had it and I was amazed.  We are big tea drinkers.  He really likes getting the good stuff and Adagio is a great company.  

Dr. Who is amongst our favorite shows and I have gotten him Dr. Who  things in the past.  So, I got him  more things.  A cool Dr. flashlight and a quiz book.  I looked through the book quickly and some of the questions are really hard.  It will be fun answering them together.  Lastly, the Dr. Who TARDIS shirt.  He has really gotten into shirts with graphics on them.
 Most gift giving times I get him a mug. This year it is from Team Fortress 2.  It is a really fun game to play together.  I got him a lego blind box that is cute characters so it will be a surprise to see which one he gets.  The plushes.  I just watched the 3 Lord of the Rings movies in 3 days and he didn't say a word about it being annoying so I got him a little Frodo.  I love his hair!

My husband (I have got to give him a fake name on here so i don't just say my husband every time)  really likes robots.  So I got him a robot ice cube tray, robots stencil set, and a robot ornament for the tree.  Every Christmas I get him an ornament so this years one will be his 8th or 9th.  It will be a very full tree when we are 70.

 These last two gifts are his big ones.  My style of gift giving is to give a lot of small and medium sized ones and then 1 or 2 big ones.  Both of these books were only about $40 so I got him both instead of just one.  The first is an amazing how to draw dragons book.  he say this in the Barnes & Nobel in the summer so I made a note to get it for him now.  It will be a big surprise.  He really wanted it in the summer but he didn't want to spend that much money on himself so I wanted to get it for him. 
I don't know if any of you are familiar with The Walking Dead graphic novel.  It is now a show as well and them are so good.  He read the comic on his computer but does not have any of of the comics or graphic novels.  I got him the 1st compendium which has the first 46 comics.  It is huge!  It is over 1000 pages.  He doesn't like to read books but he does like to read comics so I like to get them for him.  
By the looks of these gifts you would not think that we are in our upper 20's.  But, I like that.  We like fun things and things that make us smile.  I know what I am getting from him because I have been asking for it for just about the whole year.  He got me a Kindle because I LOVE to read.  I can't wait to get it, download a bunch of books, and read read read.
What did you get your significant other?  If not your significant other what did you get for your family and friends?


  1. that's so cute from you!

    I bought my bow a cute jacket, sweater and accesories, and I'm going to make a collage :3 with pictures of us.

  2. I bought my boyfriend tea from Adagio for Christmas too, haha. 5 different kinds, but I'm excited to try them too. Along with a little ball infuser too.
    My bestfriend is going to get a "basket" of baked goods, full of homemade cupcakes, cookies, and whatever else I can find sexy recipes for.

  3. Wow! He's making out like a bandit! ;D Those are awesome gifts. :) Im having a hard time picking out things for my Bf...:P

  4. Pffffffffft, I bet that ornament drove you guys nuts.


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