Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 New Bags

I have been buying more bags, Lolita and not, because it is fun. I have been trying to match my bag to my outfit if I go out. I don't go out very often because I am done with school and work from home but when I go out on the weekend I try to spice it up. 
Anyway, I bought 2 new bags after Christmas  with a little spending money. One from my local Target and the other from the Good Will. Target is so much fun to walk around and just fill your basket up if you have a little spare money. The Good Will is it or miss. I either walk out with hand fulls of clothes or nothing at all.

Xhilaration  bag from Target
 I saw this bag from across the isle and I ran right over. It was all by itself and on sale. Normally $24.99 I scooped it up for $16.99. Not bad. It is a pinky peachy color. I love the bow. It is a perfect size to carry anything I need on any given day. I like bags that can handle my phone, Kindle, wallet, tissues, gum, cap stick, and other misc. items. I tend to carry quite a bit with me on an average day so I like a bag that can carry a bit. Just add a cute bow and dangle charms and this bag will coordinate well with any Lolita outfit.

Bag from Goodwill
I really like this bag. I got his for $5 and I think it was a steal. It has a solid wooden handle and is a cute little bag. The people I went shopping with did not like it. They actually grabbed it from me and tried to hide it. It looks to be vintage, from the 70's is my guess. The outer blue fabric can be removed and it looks like you could change the fabric to another outer shell. It has pretty bright green fabric on the inside which I love.


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