Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Second Hand Stores I Like

Being a Lolita on a budget I really like going to second hand shops looking for "Loliable" goodies. Every time I step into a shop it is like starting a treasure hunt. You just have to take the time and be patient. There is at least one thing that you will love and will make a great addition to your Lolita wardrobe. These 3 shops are my favorite and you should check them out too.

I started with my absolute favorite. I go to my local Goodwill every other week. It is pretty new, it popped up about 3 or 4 years ago. It is quite large and I could spend 2 hours browsing easily. Goodwill is awesome because they carry 2nd hang clothing and also new clothing. Much of their stock is overstock from other stores that is highly discounted. Also, every article of clothing is given a color tag. Everyday a certain color is 50% off. More often than not I walk out with a full bag of new clothes and other goodies.

This one is a no brainer. I think there is a Salvation Army in almost any town or at least close to you. Much like the Goodwill, it is a treasure hunt for great buried treasure. There is so much at the Salvation Army and you can find so many different things. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, and more. The prices are great and the stock is ever changing. Help out a little too by donating to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. My friend just donated 2 computers to the Goodwill this weekend.

I don't ave a Buffalo Exchange close to me now but when I lived in Philadelphia there was one 3 blocks from my home. It was great. Buffalo Exchange is a 2nd hand shop but it is a bit of a step up. They only accept certain clothing. They are picky about what they sell. They try to sell only trendy and popular styles. When you bring clothing in they go through your stuff, pick what they want, offer a certain amount for it, and you can take cash or store credit. The prices are higher than the 2 above stores but the stock is younger and trendier.


  1. I wish in England we had big 2nd hand shops like you guys do! I haven't found any yet :(

    Kitty xox

  2. I love the Salvation Army, we have it in Norway as well! I found a great shirt there once C:


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