Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tokyo Fashion Cute Baby The Stars Shine Bright Girl

Tokyo Fashion is a really fun sight where you can look at oodles of pictures, keep up on current trends, read entertaining articles, and more. You could spend half a day just browsing pictures and reading. They have a nice website, an app, and you can like them on Facebook. I like them and everyday they share a street snap of a snazzily dresses fella or gal. They feature all fashion types and I like seeing all the different people and clothes.
Most days the people they feature aren't Lolitas but today we hit it and got a cute one. 

 Here’s a friendly 17-year-old Japanese Lolita named Aki who we met on the street in Harajuku. Aki’s red tartan dress caught our attention when we first spotted her.
Aki’s outfit features the red tartan Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK/dress under a white fuzzy Baby The Stars Shine Bright jacket with toggle-fasteners, a large lace hair bow, Baby The Stars Shine Bright strawberry-print tights, and shoes (with bows & pearls) that she purchased at Marui One. She bought her cute ice cream-print handbag in Harajuku. Aki’s favorite band is SID and her favorite brand is – you guessed it – Baby The Stars Shine Bright.
Taken from Tokyo

 Her simple make up and hair style fit the outfit very well. I know wigs, bows, barrettes, and other accessories are the norm for many a Lolita but it is nice to see subtlety.

 That bag is great. The cute ice cream Sunday motif is adorable and the colors are great. The more bags and purses that I buy, whether they be Lolita or not, I find that I want more. Buying bags is turning into a bit of an addiction.  I purchased 2 bags this past weekend with some Christmas money and I already want to buy more. Heck I want to buy this bag.

I recommend that you like Tokyo Fashion on Facebook. The don't post so much that it is overwhelming but they post often enough to keep you interested.


  1. I love this site! It can get addicting xD And Aki is so cute! I love the bag and the tights :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. I really really really love this coord :) Strawberry socks are awesome♥♥


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